Teewe 2 Streaming Stick Review : Best Google Chromecast Alternative in India

Media streaming devices aren't much popular in India, the reason can be lack of knowledge about the technology or availability of such products. Earlier, Google's streaming stick Chromecast was not available in the country, and people interested in the device were either importing it from some other country or paying extra money to dealers on eBay, who import it on a large scale. Finally Chromecast is available in India but I'm not going to talk about it, today I'm going to talk about an Indian-startup company, Teewe, who came up with streaming stick when Chromecast was not around. 


What is Teewe? 

Teewe is a USB like streaming stick which connects to your TV via HDMI port and using the Wi-Fi connection, streams content to your TV, in short, it makes your non-smart TV, smart. The device is much similar to Google's chromecast, it helps you to stream photos, videos, music etc. from your smartphone, computer or even from the web, to your television. The device is controlled with a dedicated app, using which you can stream content wirelessly on the big screen.



Teewe streaming stick comes in a small box, on opening the box, the first thing you'll find will be Teewe streaming dongle. Under which you'll find a USB cable, Power Adapter, User manual and a HDMI extender, which can be used to extend the HDMI port for connecting the device, in case your TV is mounted on wall or there is no room for the device. 



Teewe streaming stick looks similar to Google's chromecast, but it's a bit bigger in size than Chromecast. Teewe is roughly 3 Inch long rectangular device, made up of plastic. It has a HDMI port on one side and a microUSB port on one of the longer sides. The microUSB port is used to connect wall charger, which powers the device. Yes, you need to keep the charger connected at all times, Chromecast doesn't require that. The design is simple, it is a full plastic device but still manages to catch eye balls. Overall, it scores perfectly in terms of design. Though it is a bit bulkier than Chromecast, it still looks good and is easy to carry.


Unlike previous version of Teewe, this time Mango Man Consumer Electronics used better hardware for new version, which is Teewe 2. Teewe 2 packs inside a Dual-Core Cortex A9 processor with Quad-Core GPU for better graphic experience and 1 GB of RAM. 


Setting Up Teewe

There is no rocket science here, setting up Teewe is pretty self explanatory. Connect Teewe to the HDMI port of your TV and plug in the wall charger. Next, follow the on-screen instructions and you are good to go. Now Teewe will generate a Wi-Fi network, you need to connect your mobile/tablet/computer to that network and then set it up with your Wi-Fi connection. Once that is done, using Teewe app, you can start streaming content on your television.

Install Teewe app on your mobile or tablet, so that you can start streaming, the app is available on Google Play store, iTunes and Windows store. Other than mobile apps, you can also download desktop apps and even Google chrome plugin. Once you have the app, you can use the device for streaming content on your TV. 


I personally tested the device for over a week, and honestly saying, I was very satisfied with its performance. It plays videos, music, photos etc. flawlessly with a single tap using the mobile application. It is also able to stream content from websites like YouTube without any lag or issues. I tested different video/audio formats on different resolutions, and it performed well every time. Teewe streamed 720p HD videos flawlessly, but when we tested Full HD videos, sometimes there was a bit disturbance & shuttering at places, other than that, Teewe really performed well. We tested all popular formats with Teewe and most of them worked flawlessly. The App is pretty straight-forward and easy to use, it can easily detect locally stored videos & music, which you can stream with a single tap.


If you've read the whole post then you must be knowing my verdict on Teewe. Yes, I definitely recommend Teewe streaming stick to people who are looking for a low-cost alternative of Google chromecast. Teewe is easy to use, performs flawlessly and does not cost a fortune. The App is easy to use & pretty much self explanatory, the device is portable, which means you can carry it along with you. 

Overall, I was really satisfied with Teewe streaming stick, if you are looking for a low-cost streaming device then Teewe is a good choice. 

Please share your view about the device in comments below :)


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