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One of the biggest problems which new brands & entrepreneurs face nowadays is managing social handles of their businesses & online ventures. As we all know, social media is one of the biggest area to drive traffic and build honest readership in online world, so it's very important that we pay proper attention on social networking by interacting with followers and sharing useful information all over the internet. ThoughtBuzz is an online tool, with expertise in Social Media monitoring, management and analytics. In this article we'll take a look at ThoughtBuzz platform briefly.

How does ThoughtBuzz work?

ThoughtBuzz brings all the major social platforms in a single dashboard and makes it easy to manage and monitor, you don't have to login to multiple social networks, with ThoughtBuzz, you get all of them in one place. The platforms supported currently by ThoughtBuzz are; Facekook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. With the help of ThoughtBuzz tools, you can plan an effective social content strategy and monitor the analytics with weekly/monthly graphs & charts. You can also monitor the analytics of an individual post and review it's performance. Such data will help you plan better social media marketing strategies and will improve your reach on social platforms. 



The Interface of ThoughtBuzz is very clean and organized with tabbed menu which shows your Analytics, Notifications, Messages etc. You click on the tab for the social platform you want to manage, for example Facebook page. This will open a new section displaying data like Total Page Likes, New Likes, Likes you got in a specific period of time, percentage of increase in likes, Reach etc. It will also show a graph showing the position in respect to previous months, this will help you monitor your performance better. 


Not only that, you can also monitor the activity done on your social page by fans. You can see the list of fans with most activity like shares, likes, comments etc. You can find out who are your most loyal fans, ThoughtBuzz does this for you based on the interactions by the fans on your social page.

What is it capable of?

With ThoughtBuzz you can manage multiple social platform with ease and without putting in much effort, you don't have to do anything, ThoughtBuzz will automatically gather data and display it in front of you, all you have to do is analyse it and work on better strategies for better social media performance. With ThoughtBuzz you can monitor the performance of a specific post, campaign, advertisement etc. you can  see the graph showing day-by-day growth rate and will also provide additional data, which will help you plan better future strategies. ThoughtBuzz helps you see the growth of your social network and it's performance in the past few months,. It is so far the best tool for social media analytics and monitoring, with this tool, you can surely win the social media war.


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