How to Boost Website Rankings with SEO

SEO is one of the most basic building blocks which every business needs towards search engine domination. Google controls more than 90 percent of the search traffic in the US alone, which makes for any web based marketing to achieve number one position in Google. There are a few things you can do to improve your site ranking even though Google search formula is a secret. By using the Search Engine Optimization or SEO, you can actually move up a little in the market strategy. Here are some ways in which SEO can help to boost your site ranking.


1. Creating separate keyword or keyword phrase

You can add a few words to make a keyword phrase which will replace a single word. This will entail the creation of separate web page for each product which the client sells, along with category pages if required. This will ensure good user experience as it will be much easier for them to buy online, as they will land on this page from the SEO results. Try to use one keyword phrase per page and stick to one subject per page with clear writing which will be easier to search and read.

In short: Use Keywords all over your article, make sure you don't over-stuff them.

2. Search friendly graphics

While people may enjoy reading Flash, try to keep it to a minimum as SEO tends to skip through it. Make your menus in plain text links as it will make your website more accessible. It also enables you to place your keywords where Google can directly see them.

3. Avoid using repetitive wording 

By removing repetitive words on the website layout, important information of the content is not diluted with repetitive words. It is tempting to include such information as contact details, copyright text and motto's to highlight your own site. However, this can run a risk of your client’s site for duplicate content without enough unique content showing up.

In short: Don't repeat information unnecessarily. Don't stuff the article with keywords.

4. Make each page unique

Google searches for only relevant content not found anywhere else on the internet. This means that your content in every page has to be completely different on each page as well as from any other site on the web. Even if you are using snippets of information found on other pages within the site, you have to carefully word the snippets without repeating any of the words already used. By publishing contents which appear elsewhere on the internet you run the risk of being ignored by the search engine which looks only for unique contents.

In short: Post Unique Article Only, Plagiarism is not tolerated by Google.

5. Good design is popular design

Google looks for well organized pages and will rank these higher than pages which have not been properly organized. The organized pages are also more popular and go up in the Google ranking. Therefore, if you keep good design as you progress along, the search engine will design itself on these pages.

6. Add a blog

Search engines love to find fresh content on a blog which can boost your client’s opportunity. By adding a blog to any site, your clients can update the blog with fresh content on a weekly basis. However, you need to look out for spam comment and to remove anything which has a duplicate content. Blogs help to increase the website size in the long run, providing major SEO benefits. This could be increase in website authority and leverage with internal links with higher number of pages.

These are some of the positive ways of integrating each of your website design projects, which will give you a possible chance of generating sales and profits from SEO.

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