8 Killer Tips to Save Battery Life of Your Android Smartphone & Tablet

android-power-saveWe all know how awesome Android Smartphones are and that is the reason why they are currently ruling the present scenario of Smartphone market. One of the main reasons being that the Android Phones are Powerful as well as flexible and it offers a lot of features which Smartphones running on other Operating System are not able to offer. And as we all know with advantages comes some disadvantage and one of the main cons of Android Phone is Battery life. As running this lots of features on your Android device consumes an enormous amount of Battery.

But there are certainly some tips that you can follow to save the battery life on your Android device and today we will discuss some of those tips that will help you in saving your Android device battery longer.

Tips for Saving Android Battery Life:

It is an obvious thing that Android Device will consume a high percentage of Battery as it runs lots of powerful Apps and others features of your Android device and we cannot do any deny it but there are some tips and tweaks that you can follow to save a certain amount of your Androids Battery Life.

Some of those important tips to save your Android device battery life are as follows:

1. Check Battery Consumption:

There are many applications which are sucking out huge amount of battery from your Android Smartphone than any other app and if you find any of those apps which are useless to you but using a huge amount of battery then it is always good to deactivate those from using your battery of your Android Smartphone.

How to Do?: To check the percentage of battery used by different applications first go to settings>>Battery and now you will see a list of percentage of battery consumed by different application.

2. Turn Off Automatic Brightness:


This option can be a really good to save a huge amount of battery life and if you are still in the automatic brightness then it could be reason for huge consumption of Battery of your Android Devices. As Automatic Brightness on your Android Device gives out way brightness then it is really required, so it is advised to customized and make it more efficient.

How to Do?: To do it go to Settings>>Sound & Display>>Brightness.

3. Turn Off Background Apps:


Do you know that the apps running at the background which runs without any of your knowledge can consume a large amount of battery from your Android Device? Some of them are useful but majority of the apps running at the background are useless and they only consume Battery of your Android Smartphone. And you should turn off any of those unless Apps and it can save you a lot of Battery life.

How to Do?: To do this go to Settings>>Apps>>Now swipe to the left to running option>>now tap the App you want to stop>>Click on force Stop.

4. Reduce Data Usage:


Reducing the data usage can help your Android Smartphone to save an enormous amount of battery life. You can turn off your data whenever you are not using it. And using 2G instead of 3G or 4G networks can also you a lots of Battery life.

How to Do?: To do this go to Settings>>Wireless Controls, Now in this menu you can do all the settings related to Data and Network usages.

5. Enable Power Saving Mode:


This is the feature available in some of the Android Smartphone and turning it on will let you squeeze some extra battery from your Android Smartphone. Which will let your Smartphone to function for only Calls, Texting, Data and this could be a lifesaver for some extra battery life.

6. Avoid Fancy Live Wallpapers: 

If your main motive is to save your Android Smartphones battery life then I will advice you not to use some Wallpapers and some extra features keep it simple and clean as much as possible. And use only those widgets on your home screen which are absolutely important.

7. Enable Flight Mode When in No Network Coverage:

If you want to save and extend you battery life I will advise you to keep an eye on your Smartphones Network signal. As if you in a low network connectivity area then your smartphone battery is tend to be drain must faster. So the best option is to keep your Android Smartphone at flight mode when the connectivity is low.

8. Make Sure Apps are Updated

Yes you heard it right keeping your apps updated and keeping it to the latest version can save you a huge percentage of your battery life because new updates are roll with much efficiency of saving battery life.

So this are some of the most basic and efficient tips you should follow to save the battery life of your smartphone which will certainly extend the battery life of your smartphone to sometime which can be a gem when absolutely necessary. 

About Author: Umpreet loves to write about new technology tips and tricks to optimize, specifically on Android Devices. Read more of his work at Rootmyandroid.org


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