How to Use Internet as Tool for Buying Car Online

So you are looking to buy a car but don't know where to start? No worries because I'm here to help you in that. When it comes to buy cars online, there are a few things which we should keep in mind. The first one is that we use reliable sources to make the purchase, secondly we make good use of internet for researching whether which car to buy or if the seller is really genuine and finally we must compare cars with different cars, just to make sure that the one which we are going for is the best for that segment, it doesn't matter if you are going for  new cars or a used ones, you need to keep all the above rules in mind, if you want to get the best deal.


So in this article, I'm going to teach you "How to use Internet as an effective tool for buying a car in India" - with that I don't mean buying a car off some eCommerce site and getting it on Cash on Delivery, because that's weird, we can't buy cars like that, we need to test drive, see it with your eyes, feel it until satisfied and then buy it. So by using internet for purchasing car, i mean using internet as a tool to find the best deals and dealers in your city. I hope you understood my point.

How to Use Internet for Buying Car Online

Again to be clear, we will be using Internet to find the best deals and dealers in your city, for the sake of this post I will be using the city Coimbatore for my searches, you can use your city name instead of Coimbatore. We will use the internet to compare cars in coimbatore and know the opinion of people who are using or have used that particular model. After going through the reviews, opinions, deals etc. we will give you ample time to make the decision.
So lets begin, below are the 3 best ways you can use internet for finding the best car. 

1. Use Online Classifieds for Best Deals on Used Cars

Since most of the people are looking for used cars on the internet, I'll start the section with this. There are many Online classified websites which can help you look for a good condition, low priced car in your neighborhood. I recommend looking Classifieds, since a lot of times you'll find better deals on used cars because most of the time the people selling it will be those who need urgent cash or those who want to upgrade to new car. Since there is no agent and middlemen involved, you can get the car in low price.

In case you want to go for new cars, you can start your search with the term new cars in your city; for example 'new cars in coimbatore' in my case, you can join your city name with the term and start looking for dealers dealing in new cars.

2. Finding out the Cars which fit your budget

If you want to buy a new car or a used one, first you must know the money you are willing to spend over a car, it's better to have a budget handy before hunting for best deals, because it will make the decision easier for you. So if you are looking for a new car then decide your budget, for example it is 6 Lakhs Indian rupees, then go to Google and look up for the cars which fit this budget and make a small list of it, now we've made your search simple, you have a list of shortlisted cars and choosing the right one is simple. In case of used cars, you can set the filter in classified websites to show the results under that budget or you can look up for a deal close to that budget and negotiate with the owner over phone call.

3. Using Online Directories to Find Car Dealers in Your City

If you are looking for dealers in your neighborhood area or in your city, then you can go to online directories and enter your city and area and search for the car dealers in that particular area, for example "Car dealers in Coimbatore" etc. This will show up a list of dealers in that city / area, dealing in new cars or used cars etc. You can note down their contact details and finalize the deal. Make sure you compare cars before choosing the one for you.

4. Customer Reviews

Once you've shortlisted the list, it's very normal that you'll end up with two cars and have to choose one, first of all as I said earlier, you can compare cars and that will help you in your decision, if you are still confused, look up for customer reviews of both the cars and see which one is more efficient for you.

So guys that's pretty much it, if you follow the above steps, you'll be able to choose the best for you. 

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