Fat Cat Gaming's Lucky 6 Review : Try Your Luck to Win Easy Cash

Recently when I was looking for some interesting mobile games on the internet, I came across something called Fat Cat which sounded like a game but the tag lines stated that we can win money. I was curious and really wanted to see How can this free game make you win money without investing anything. After doing some research I found out How it works, so here I am. Today I'll be writing a post on Fat Cat game known as Lucky 6 and will also write a brief review sharing my experience with it. So without wasting your time, I better get started.


What is Fat Cat Lucky 6TM?

Fat Cat is a new smartphone game which can help you win the jackpot prize of 18 Lakh Indian rupees without paying a single penny. It is a very easy game but has the ability to turn your world around. The game is available for free and it is free to play as well but this free game can help you win the cash prize of 18 Lakh Indian rupees (approx $29,000 USD) and we are not kidding.

So you must be wondering How can this be possible? How does the game work? Well I'll answer your questions shortly, but first lets know a little more about Fat cat Lucky 6. 

How Fat Cat Lucky 6TM Works?

Fat Cat Lucky 6TM is a unique game based on brands/companies and their stock value at the moment. A player needs to enter for a weekly game in order to win the jackpot. To do so he/she needs to pick 6 brands/companies from a given list. The brands should be picked based on your prediction of how they will perform on the day of the game (which is Wednesday, 9 AM every week) - In order to win the jackpot, you;ll need to guess the Top 6 ranking brands based on their stock value just before the game begins. So If the brands you picked secure the top 6 positions on that day, you win the jackpot.

How to Play Fat Cat Lucky 6TM

I know this might sound a bit confusing, so I repeat in simple words. In order to win, A player needs to raise a ticket. When you raise a ticket, the game asks you to pick the 6 brands you have faith in. This is where your brain comes into play, you need to pick the brands wisely, you can do that by researching them and their stock market rankings, you can also tap the brand icon in the game to look for the positions it secured in the last 6 games, this info can help you during your prediction. Once you've done enough research, checked the previous rankings of all brands you're interested in and picked the Top 6 contenders you believe will reach the Top 6, you can participate by sending the ticket. A player can raise 3 tickets per game.

Every Wednesday at 9 AM, the game starts and at that moment, the brands who have the highest stock value are ranked in the Top 6 position. If the brands you picked in your ticket happen to be the Top 6, you are the lucky winner and you'll get the cash prize of 18 Lakh rupees.

Other Ways to Win Cash by Playing Lucky 6TM

Predicting the Top 6 is not the only way to win the game, you can also win by getting the highest score. To explain that, When a player enters the game and is not able to guess all the brands in top 6, he gets points depending on the stock value of his chosen brands for that week. So if you happen to be the highest point scorer, despite of not predicting the top 6, you win a cash prize of Rs.65,000 Indian rupees.


You can also refer your friends to Fat Cat by inviting them or sharing your User name. If the person you referred wins the jackpot, you get a cash prize as well. If the person you referred happens to be the highest scorer for that week, you still win a cash prize, isn't that awesome?

How to Get Fat Cat App?

Fat Cat is available for iDevices and Android devices for free. You can use the links given below to download it on your smartphone. Remember, the game is played every Wednesday at 9 AM and this is only open to residents of India.

Download Fat Cat App : Android | iTunes


I've tried this game personally last week and believe me, I liked the concept. Besides you don;t have to pay any money, you can play it for free but the point to note is that, It increases the chances of you winning money every week or when you refer someone. I haven't won anything yet but I can say that by playing it for one time, I came real close by guessing 3 out of 6 brands which came in the Top 6, so I guess I can do better if I research a little bit next time. So what are you waiting for, go and try your luck.

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