Biomatiques Launches India’s First Indigenous Iris Recognition Technology

About Two weeks ago in Mumbai, India, Biomatiques launched India's first Iris recognition technology through their wide range of products. The company is India's first company to receive STQC certificate (Standardization Testing and Quality Certification) for their Iris Scanners. The Press Conference was held at Hotel Trident in Mumbai on March 18, 2012. Mr.Rajan Luthra, National President, Fire and Security Association of India (FSAI) was the Chief guest at the conference. There were some prototypes of possible products with Iris Technology placed in different corners of the room.


Iris Recognition Technology at Affordable Price

Mr.Tamaal Roy, CEO, Biomatiques, shared a few words with the media at the conference. He also shared the story of How the company managed to get the STQC certification and their struggle in the past years. Below are the words quoted by him at the event.
“Our indigenization has helped us bring down the cost of Iris authentication to match fingerprint authentication. With our vision of ‘Total Security’, we aim to completely replace fingerprint authentication which is error-prone. The applications for this technology are varied, and we are expecting this price revolution to change the security mindset in India and the globe completely. The awarded STQC Department of IT allows connection of our Iris scanners to the Aadhaar database also.”
Iris recognition technology can prove to be the Next Big Thing in Barometric Security field, after Fingerprint scanning. It can soon make its way on Mobile phones, Tablets, Personal Computers, Airports, Government facilities, Enterprises, or even our homes. The Iris recognition technology is being used by the UIDAI in 'Aadhaar' unique Identification Number. With STQC department, the Iris scanners can also connect to Aadhaar database.

Mr.Rajan Luthra (left) and Mr.Tamaal Roy (right) holding Biomatiques Iris Scanner unit

The Iris recognition technology from Biomatiques is very cost effective and this makes it affordable and can be used in all identity assurance environments like Airports, Border control, Government facilities, transportation etc.
“The cost and security advantage has been the core of our development for over two years. Matching Iris technology costs to the currently available fingerprint recognition technology will cause a revolution in the field of biometric authentication and allow everyone to be more secure without extra cost.”
Also added the CEO, Mr.Tamaal Roy at the conference.

How Iris Recognition Works?

As you might be knowing, Iris scanning involves scanning your eyes for identification, you might be wondering How this thing works? well here is a brief answer on it. Iris recognition method is an automated form of biometric identification. It uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques on video images of one or both of the irises of an individual's eyes, whose complex random patterns are unique, stable, and can be seen from some distance. The iris-recognition algorithm can identify up to 250 identification points including rings, furrows and freckles within the iris.

What is Biomatiques?

Biomatiques or Biomatiques Identification Solutions Pvt. Ltd was established in June 2012, is the first Indian company to introduce the revolutionary Iris Recognition Technology in India. This also is India's first company to receive the prestigious  STQC certification from the Department of Information Technology, New Delhi. Biomatiques headquarters are situated in Surat, Gujarat. Biomatiques makes use of Patented hardware technology and Iris recognition software for making wide range of products and security solutions for individuals, enterprise, government etc.

To know more about Biomatiques, Please check their website.

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