3 Amazing Technology Based Motorcycle Accessories for Bikers

So you're a Biker huh? If yes then here is an interesting article which will change the way you used to ride, Of course you'll be needing but-load of cash but other than that everything is fine. You might not be aware of the fact that there are approximately 47.5 million powered scooters / bikes in India in 2003 compared to 8.6 million cars, so that will give you an idea How popular is two-wheeler in India. Bikes and scooters are a popular mode of transport in India due to the ease in congested areas, traffic and fuel efficiency, also they're more affordable than buying a car. Most of the people who use bike as a mode of transport aren't much into accessories, I mean they'll just go for basic things like a helmet etc. but serious bikers, the ones who chose bike over cars and love to ride solo on the freeway, without caring about the world and most importantly those who have a crap-load of money to spend on High-Tech gadgets and accessories; will find this post satisfying, because I'll lay down your shopping list.

In this article, we'll checkout some amazing but kind of expensive, Hi-Tech gadgets and accessories for bikers. Please note, some of the below listed accessories & gadgets won't be available in your country or city, so makes sure that you note down the name of the accessory you want to buy and Google it with the name of your country / city. I'm sure you'll find some helpful links.

High-Tech Accessories for Bikers

1) Motorcycle GPS

Motorcycle GPS can be helpful for bikers who love riding across cities and long distances. Sometimes during night rides on country side, you might get lost and end up between nowhere. To avoid such situations, you must have a motorcycle GPS on your bike. Motorcycle GPS are easily available in stores or online. GPS has a display which shows up the directions to your destination. Many of them have turn-by-turn navigation and many other innovative features.

2) Skully Helmet 

Skully is the most advanced and hi-tech motorcycle helmet, it has a heads-up display and a rear facing camera. The helmet displays rear view on the heads-up display and can be controlled with voice commands. The software of the helmet is based on Android, the person wearing the helmet can see through the heads-up display and rear camera. 
View of Heads up display of Helmet

The helmet has bluetooth connectivity which can be used to connect your smartphone with it. When someone calls you, you see the name / number on the heads-up display, you can answer/end calls with voice commands, the helmet also has an earpiece and microphone which can be used to answer calls without stopping the bike and taking out your phone. The bluetooth can also be used for streaming music.

3) GoPro Camera & Mount

If you love recording your rides to amazing places and you are rich enough, you'll love GoPro action camera and Bike mount. There are a lot of mounts available for GoPro, you can fix the camera on your bike and start recording your rides. You can watch them later on your computer or TV.

There are a lot more accessories which you'd like to have in your collection, the ones listed above are just some cool and future ready devices which you can't afford to miss. To find more such cool accessories you can kook them up in the internet or in case you can't afford them but still want them, you can go to some online classified sites and look up for them, just make sure that you set the location to your current city, for instance if you live in Ahemadabad, set it as your current city, so that the website only displays the classifieds related to bike accessories in Ahmedabad only. I'm sure you'll find used accessories or wholesale dealers, who can offer better deals.


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