Why Alkaline Water is Better Option than Ordinary Water?

Water is very essential for life, we all need to drink water to stay alive, Life cannot exist without water. Human body requires water to stay hydrated and to flush toxins from our system. Our body is composed of 80 percent of water Other than that, water is also required to perform various other things in day-to-day life like washing clothes, washing hands, for bathing etc. Water helps in blood circulation and helps body's cells to get hydrated and makes them less prone to diseases. Water helps in nutrient absorption and digestion, It helps in keeping the skin clear and also keeps the muscles healthy. So in short water is required to make our body function properly. 


Water Purification

Since water is essential for our body, we must make sure that we provide clean water to our system, for it function properly. Most of the people in India rely on Tap Water, RO Purified water and distilled water. Research has shown that water from such sources contains acidic properties which makes the body more acidic and causes number of health problems like acidity, constipation, headaches, fatigue, immune dysfunction and in some cases, Cancer. 

RO Water purifiers do purifies water and removes harmful substances from water but still it is not adequately nourished with minerals like calcium and magnesium. Purified water also makes the water acidic and in long term consumption, causes health problems. This is where Alkaline water comes into play.

Alkaline Water Ionization & How it's Done?

Ionization is a process of converting liquids or particles into ions by gaining or losing an electron. Water which undergoes ionization and turns in to Alkaline by segregating minerals accordingly and adjusting pH level is known as Alkaline Ionized Water. Alkaline Ionized water has higher pH level, as compared to normal Tap water. It helps in neutralizing acid from your body, boosts your metabolism and helps body in absorbing neutrients more effectively. Alkaline ion water attracts acidic ions and flushes them out of your body, It has three times hydration capability than ordinary water. In the process of ionization, water is made to run through positive and negative electrodes which ionize it. As it passess through the membrane, it is seperated into alkaline and acidic water. 

Benefits of Drinking Ionized Water

To keep our body functioning properly, we need to keep it hydrated by drinking 3 to 4 liters of clean and filtered water everyday. There are a lot of benefits of drinking Alkaline ionized water, a few of them are listed below.

  • Helps in Removing Toxins & Flushing out Body Acids.
  • Has three times the hydration capability than ordinary water.
  • Gives you more energy.
  • Ionized Water is Rich in Oxygen and free from harmful bacteria.
  • Helps in getting rid of Diabetes, Asthma, Hypertension, Allergies etc.
  • Acts as Powerful Anti-Oxidant and Improves health.
  • Boils and cools faster as compared to ordinary water.
  • Promotes Natural Weight Loss
  • Improves Immune System, Makes Skin Smooth & Glowing
  • Makes overall body function better by balancing pH in body.
  • And Much More...

Hydro~Jal Plus Alkaline Water Ionizer 

If you are wondering how can you take advantage of Alkaline water then here we go. Hydro~Jal Plus is worlds most compact, good looking, affordable and advanced Alkaline water ionizer. It converts ordinary tap water into healthiest form of ionized Alkaline water. It has an inbuilt filteration and purification system which makes the water safe for drinking and also removes the acidic properties of water, giving you three time more effective hydration. It comes with 5 Alkaline, 2 Acidic and 1 Neutral water options with advanced controls. You can set the desired pH level and it instantly delivers water of that pH, Hydro~Jal Plus supports water from pH 5 to 10.5


It is easy to operate, it has a large LCD touchscreen display which displays pH and ORP level of the outgoing water. It also shows the temperature of water, rate of flow and electrolysis status. The device is small in size, easy to install and use. For more information, visit Hydro~Jal Plus website.


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