3 Best & Inexpensive Portable Speakers for Smartphones

If you are a music enthusiast like me then you must be aware of the fact that, no matter how expensive or amazing your smartphone is, the loud speaker always fails to impress the music nerds. Smartphones surely pack great speakers and nowadays most of them are coming with the technology from top companies like Beats Audio, Dolby digital etc. they sure sound amazing when we plug in our headphones but when it comes to loud speaker performance, the output is simply not that great. There is a simple fix which can help you enjoy the best loud speaker music experience from your smartphone, get a portable speaker from your device. 

Philips Soundshooter

What Are Portable Speakers?

Portable speakers are compact and handy, as the name suggests. They come with inbuilt battery which helps power them up. For connection, they have a 3.5 mm jack which can be used to connect with any smartphone or media devices like iPod, Laptop, Desktop, Media players etc. These speakers drastically enhance the music output and you get loud and clear music experience. When connected the mobile device starts using it as the primary speaker and since these portable speakers have better drivers and technology, the music output you get is simply better than the actual loudspeaker of your phone. Portable speakers can also be used with iPod shuffles or any other iPod / media players. Since iPod shuffle lacks an inbuilt speaker, portable speakers work as the dock and you're able to play the music loud, even when using iPod shuffle.

In this article I will be listing some best and inexpensive Portable Speakers and Home Theatre which you can buy for an ultimate music experience, anywhere you want. 

Top 3 Best Portable Speakers for Smartphones

In no particular order, the below listed Speakers are best in terms of sound quality, built quality, battery backup and price range. So lets get started!

Philips Soundshooter Wireless

Philips Soundshooter Wireless is an amazing portable wireless speaker which looks like a hand-grenade and is easy to carry along. The grenade shaped speaker has a rubberized textured layer around it which comes in various colors, this gives the speakers a playful look, also the rubber layer protects the speakers from accidental falls. The speaker design is very catchy and comes in two different variants with similar looks, One variant has a 3.5 mm jack cable which can be used to plug in the device for playing music, other one has Bluetooth connectivity along with the 3.5 mm cable. The Bluetooth variant can stream music with 30 feet range. The 3.5 mm cable is fixed inside speaker, which can be pulled out whenever needed. The cable is retractable, which means it will be pulled inside when you don't need anymore. The speaker does not have a volume controller, you'll have to use your phone / iPod for adjusting volumes. 

JBL Micro Wireless

JBL is one of the best sound equipment making company in the world and here is an inexpensive portable speaker from the makers. The JBL Micro Wireless portable speaker is one of the best sounding portable speaker in this price range. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and can stream music wirelessly. Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, it also has AUX connection which can be used for plugging mobile phones and media players. The sound quality from JBL Micro Wireless speakers is amazing and clear.

Philips SBA1700/37

Another amazing portable speakers from Philips. This one has a long battery life, on full charge, you can play music continuously for 20 hours straight. The speakers comes in carrying pouch which helps in protecting from wear and tear and also makes carrying easy. The sound quality is loud and clear, you can connect your mobile device using the cable jack. It has a built in stand and metal grill. Overall built quality is great and durable.

If you are planning to buy a Portable speaker for your Mobile phone, do consider the ones I've listed above. The above listed speakers are affordable and offers great quality. 

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