Sea Calling : A Bold Step Which Changed My Life

Life is a journey which just goes on and on and enroute we make many decisions and take bold steps, without knowing what they will result in. Nothing stays same forever, a change is essential and as said by Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita, 'Change is the Law of the Universe' - throughout our lives, change will come during different periods and phases but we must go on and keep going ahead, no matter where life takes us, remember, we cannot control the air but we can always adjust the sails. So no matter where life is taking you, adjust your sails and go with the flow.
Maersk Aberdeen transiting a channel in Iraq : Photo by: Jim Luthra

Honestly saying I've taken a lot of bold steps in my life, maybe they weren't on big scale or something to brag about all the time. I've moved to different cities a couple of times but that wasn't my decision, it was completely my dad's decision (I was a kid back then) so I can't write about that, I've also never stayed in hostel or away from my family until recently. So talking about the bold step taken by me which really affected my whole life; Here it is: The boldest step I ever took in my life (completely my decision) was joining Merchant Navy. This was a big step, as it was the foundation on which my whole future life will be based and I didn't wanted to take any risk. So once I made my decision and stepped into this field, a lot of other bold steps fell into place. Below is the short story, in which I narrate the sudden bold step which I took (knowing how risky it can be) which changed my life completely.

Sea Calling : A True Story!

Growing up, I always had an ambition of being a software engineer or something related to Information technology, because of my immense love for computers and developing. As I grew up, I realized that I'm not a 9-to-5 person and cannot sit in a cubicle all my life. I was seeking something adventurous, something which can give me the thrill I was looking for, a job which brings on new challenges without any hints of their arrival. The first things in my mind were joining Indian Air Force or being a sports man or the ring master at local circus [just kidding ;)] but i wasn't able to think of what should I do. Should I join Air Force? or should I stick to IT job? I wasn't able to choose one. After spending months thinking, finally it hit my mind. I was going to Merchant Navy!

How it Started?

It all started with my dad, he had a dream of joining Merchant Navy himself but because of certain reasons, he wasn't able to, so secretly he always thought that I will fulfill his dream one day, but I had other plans. He always supported me in everything, even when I said that I want to go for IT after completing my education, he never said a word and happily supported me. Until that day when sea finally called me and I went home and announced my decision to everyone. 

Reaction to My Decision

My dad was happy, my mom was sad, we can't keep everyone happy at same time. My mom didn't like the idea of me living away from family in a godforsaken ship, battling the waves in the middle of nowhere. It took a lot of time to convince her but I had made my decision. I completed my education and took admission in a Marine college, so that I can pursue my sea career.  As I went through the studies, I fell in love with Merchant Navy, it was like I found what I've been looking for. A perfect adventure! but I was sad at the same time, because in a few months, I was about to leave my family for an year. I cleared all my exams well and was among top rankers in my batch. I joined a ship as a trainee and completed 12 months in one go. 

I won't be able to explain what thing happened during these 12 months, that will make this post a mile long, but I would like to add that those 12 months taught me a lot about life, about independence, about handling our problems alone, about facing the world alone and lot of other things. I can finally say that my bold step turned out to me my biggest teacher, who taught me how to live. 

I'm thankful to's #StartANewLife campaign for giving me this opportunity to share my story with you guys. I'm grateful.


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