Sony Xperia E4 Review : Efficient Mid-Range Smartphone

Sony Mobiles Communications Inc an established mobile manufacturing firm based in Tokyo Japan, has recently launched a stunning mid range efficient phone called Xperia E4. It is strikingly attractive at first sight and is an exclusive product. The exclusiveness is inscribed in the stunning 5-inch screen display and extended battery durability known to last for two days. How amazing does it sound? The phone flaunts a professional design that blends in with the esteem of the high-profile corporate demographic. 


Sony Xperia E4 - Review & Specifications


The design flow of E4 is flawless, and the attractiveness is engraved on the glossy curved black and pristine silver on the edges. It has a trendy five inch screen which is a marvel for the price offered. The narrow bezel surrounding the display brings down the overall dimension of the phone. It is 10.5mm dense, 75mm wide and 137mm long, owning the phone will make anyone feel on top of the world because of its fantastic build rigidity and appearance. It is however not too convenient enough to fit inside a pocket and it is sold in intriguing black and white shades. 


A glance at Sony Xperia E4 and the screen presence is just too eye catchy beyond words, it is engineered with a vibrant 5-inch display with qHD resolution power of 960x540 pixels. The royal blue screen display is phenomenal, the colour co-ordination power is great and the viewing angles are fantastic. Customers can opt from single and dual SIM versions. 


Sony Xperia E4 is powered by an innovative 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek processor connected with 1GB RAM. Its internal storage power is 8GB and it can be stretched to 32GB with the aid of microSD card. The hardware power of the phone is efficient for a mid-budget range, and it is exceptionally versatile and enables ample storage space to preserve loads of images and apps. 


The phone has a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front shooter, and it is feature packed to indulge in fantastic shooting moments. Xperia E4 has Portrait Retouch, Social Live, Live of YouTube, Sound Photo and Timesheet Burst. Sony has installed a pioneering dedicated selfie gap on front facing camera. 


Sony Xperia E4 functions on an advanced Android 4.4.4 KitKat software, and it is in line with the recent developments of software technology. The phone can be updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop. The high-intensity software power makes it convenient for day to day usage, and the operating system is swift and users can efficiently switch between screen and download as many apps as possible. The main concern was the inefficient sound track on ear phones. 


Xperia E4 operates on an extensively durable 2,300 mAh battery, and Sony has stated that it is long lasting. It lasts for two whole days on end, the novel innovative lies in the installation of Ultra Stamina mode, which switches on only the needed required features, that enables the battery to run on residual power for a week. 


Review & Verdict

Buyers who are keen on Sony Xperia E4, it is a choice to make for guaranteed endless fun and entertainment. It is a known fact that Xperia phones are among the best looking in the market, and the company continues the tradition with E4, and this time in a better package. Sources with firsthand experience with the phone were in awe of the design and build quality, and the ownership encounter is nothing but world class. It is engineered with the company’s signature pioneering OmniBalance technology, and has excellent scratch-resistant properties, and long lasting durability. The glossy aluminium power switch with sparkling diamond cut and unique stainless steel camera ring looks incredible beyond words. The company has introduced amazing range of accessories to indulge in splendid entertainment activities with SBH60 Stereo Bluetooth headset and BSP10 Bluetooth speaker. 

If you are the type who craves for mind blowing entertainment that will transform you into a whole new world, then Sony Xperia E4 is a great purchase. Consumers can explore best viewing angles ever, contributed by the advanced IPS and 5 inch qHD display, the acoustic power is sensational and the rhythm of speakers is magnificent to spend hours on end listening to quality rock music. 

The company has launched a new app called PartyShare, and it is a great app to share music stored on phone through Wi-Fi direct, and a group of friends can have a whale of a time, and you can become your own DJ. It is a preinstalled app, and can be downloaded via Play Store from all the latest software up-gradations such as Google OS version and Android smartphones on KitKat. 

The efficient 5MP rear camera has break-through HDR technology and supports a range of entertaining camera apps, such as Live on YouTube, Sweep panorama, creative effect, social live, sound photo, AR effect and Timeshift burst. The proficient 2MP front camera is enjoyable to indulge in endless selfie moments, and the dedicated selfie app is fascinating and powerful beyond words. 

Sony Xperia E4 is an ideal devise to explore all the possible high-end features in an affordable devise. It provides top quality entertainment for an everlasting extended period of time. Users can quickly access user-friendly and desirable apps, and the most splendid aspect of the phone is the lengthy battery durability that lasts for two days. Sony has thereby raised the competition bar to a whole new level. The capturing experience according to users was a breeze and the process was swift, and the mystery behind it is the ground-breaking Auto scene recognition, camera apps and image strengthening features.  

Along with the best-in-class battery power Xperia E4 is engineered to provide users with quick charging experience, and the process happens at a faster speed than many other devises in its class. All users have to do is switch on the quick settings tab and status bar, and gain access to the most advanced software in the market. The transfer application feature enables users to gain access to messages, music, apps, bookmarks, photos and contacts, and the best part is users need not be concerned about losing essential data.

Review by: This Sony Xperia E4 article has been written by Kundan Srivastava, who is passionate about technology and gadgets. He is working at and writes about the latest in the tech domain, right from devices to innovations.


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