Night Out - A Crazy Night Spent with Friends on the Streets of Mumbai

Friends are an important part of our life, we all have them, they're not perfect but still we like spending time with them, regardless of what others think. There are times when we stand up for them against others and we stand-by, no matter what others think, yeah this is something called friendship but have you ever thought what makes the not-so-perfect times which we've spent with friends memorable? I mean every group has a guy who screws up everything by the end of the day, at that moment everyone seems angry on him for screwing up the whole thing but the next day when he is not present, we miss him and talk about the times he screwed up, actually we like him screwing up things, because that thing adds the adventure in otherwise boring get-together's. This article is dedicated to friendship and memorable times spent with them.

Memorable Times With Friends

Not a single get-together has passed when something didn't get screwed up and by the end of the day the same person is responsible. Yes, I have a friend like that in our little group, he is the one who comes up with Out-of-the-fucking-box ideas which sound Crazy at that moment but also ends up to be crazier than we ever imagined. This little story is based on that and you might find it fiction but guys, this really happened.

Our group consists of seven people but there have been rare occasions when we all seven had been together, pulling off another crazy night out. Most of the time we are five people (because one of us moved to another city for studies and other is always having "Exams" - No matter whenever we ask him, his reply is 'Oh too bad, I can't come because of this blah-blah exams! give me a fucking break!) So as I said, most of our night outs are when only five of us gather and start our journey for a bad-ass night out plan which gets screwed up by the end.

The Beginning

So here the story starts...

Earlier I mentioned that we are five people who usually hang out because others are busy in their lives, this story is of the time when the guy who moved out to another city, was in town because he got holidays from college and he was here to see his family. So we were six people who rocked a night out. Read below.

A guy from our group recently learnt how to drive and was on the verge to get his drivers license in a month or so (He already passed the test but didn't received it yet) - Sometimes he used to bring his fathers car to our building and used to brag about how he drives on the roads without the fear of getting caught by cops for driving without a licence. One night when he came over, six of us gathered down for a quick hang out, It was 11 at night and we still were figuring out what to do (We often go for night outs, so 11 at night is no big deal for us) - Here is when one of us suggested to go for a drive. Since the parents of our Car-Friend were out of town, he was not in a situation where he could make excuses, so he agreed. We all shared the fuel costs and loaded the car with chips/drinks (soft drinks) and other junk foods and were all ready to hit the road.

What was the Plan?

Our plan was to take a ride around the area and head home but this ended up differently. Since we were hungry, One of us (The Screw-Up Guy) suggested that he knew one place which serves delicious Scrambled Eggs with Pav and Pav Bhaji (A Mumbai Street delicacy) and is open whole night. We started heading there and since even after half an hour of driving on Express Highway at night when the roads were not crowded, we didn't reach his 'so called best earting place' we were in doubt, on asking him where is this place, he replied 'Bandra' - So we were going to Bandra from Borivali at mid night, just for some snack, ridiculous, isn't it? It gets even worse. So we finally reached that place and it looked like a magnet for insomniacs and night people, coming there with their girlfriends, probably after leaving pubs and discos, for a quick snack. Since we drove all the way here, we ordered food and really, it was delicious but still driving all the way here from Borivali, sounded crazy but this thing made it memorable.

That was not it, after that we headed to Juhu beach, bandstand and couple of other places. We sat on the oceans wall at bandstand, took pictures of our crazy night in crazy poses. We even went all the way to Express highway and then finally at 5 Am, we headed back, thinking that it ended, but it didn't. 

When we thought it ended, it wasn't

A guy from the group (who happens to be the one who moved away to Chennai college for studies) who also happens to be the younger brother of the guy who brought the car, forced us to continue the crazy night out. He proposed everyone to go to his place, have a coffee and wait there until 9 Am and then go out for a movie (Was he Nuts?) His idea was dumbest but I don't know how, he managed to convince all of us and took us to his place, even though we wanted to sleep. He kept us awake till 9 Am and yes, we did go to movie after that and everything ended up by 1 PM (Other day) - So our night out lasted for more than 12 hours and after the movie, I was exhausted. I went home and straight away dropped dead on the bed.

Today these events sound dumb and crazy but I still love it and think that my decision of doing them was right, they maybe crazy but that's what made them memorable. The fact that we managed to scale half the streets of Mumbai at ungodly hour with a bunch of friends and a driver who doesn't even have a licence for god's sake. We should always remain optimistic and try to catch small moments of happiness with family, friends and close ones because you'll always cherish these moments for the years to come and remember how much fun you had when you were #Together.

Thanks for giving this opportunity, you made me share this wonderful story.

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