Asus Zenfone C ZC451CG: Quick Pro's & Con's List

Asus’s Zenfone series has recently got a new addition into its mega successful league, the Zenfone C. The new Asus Zenfone C Is now a big competition for budget phones like Moto E because of similar specs and price. But this path breaking phone has some flaws under the hood which are not revealed. Therefore here is the complete list of pro and cons of Zenfone C, so you can get the best value of your money. So instead of going into a full-depth review, I'm going to break it down in simple and to the point Pro's & Con's list, which will list all the good things and all the bad things, so all you have to do is take a look down the list and hopefully after reading the below list, you'll be able to decide whether to buy it or not.

Asus Zenfone C

Asus Zenfone C - Is it Worth Your Money?


1. Great Performance: When it comes to day-to-day performance, Asus Zenfone C does a magnificent job and can also handle a lot of tasks at once. Not to forget that Zenfone C is also capable of handling most of the Games without over-heating and crashes. 

2. Built Quality is Amazing: Asus Zenfone C is made with great craftsmanship. From screen to buttons to back panel, everything is just perfect and solid. However you might want to get a back panel or cover for extra protection, though it will make it look ugly but its worth if seen from protection perspective.

3. ZenUI is Butter Smooth: This is another high point of this phone, like a top notch brand it too has its own UI which is called ZenUI. It is based on Android OS 4.X and is Butter smooth. It is functional as well as stable, so that it will not crash every time your mobile takes up lot of tasks. If you are fed up of stock Android UI or other crap interfaces then ZenUI will be a fresh change.


1. Camera is a Deal Breaker: In the budget segment there are quite a phones which offers great camera performance like the Xiaomi Redmi 1s. This phone’s 5 megapixel camera doesn’t oblige to the basic camera quality standard. It will be a huge disappointment for the Selfie lovers as it has only a VGA front camera.

2. Poor Display Panel: The phone has a blow average viewing angles thanks to the low resolution screen and its heavily reflective, so as compared to other devices in this budget, Zenfone C under-performs. This problem is even more severe in the sunlight or in outdoor scenerio.

3. Average Battery Performance: If you are turning to this phone with the aspiration for a great battery, don’t step any further. Its battery is just gross as even with the battery saving mode on, the battery drains faster like before the turning on of the battery saving mode.

So after reading the above Pro's and Con's, If you are still willing to buy Asus Zenfone C then go ahead and buy it off Flipkart.


In my opinion, Asus Zenfone C fails miserably, looking at its cons list, I can say that you should not go for it. Since there are plenty of devices coming out in this range, you are better off with Xiaomi Redmi 1S or Xiaomi Redmi 2, which carries same Price Tag. If you are willing to go slightly higher on your budget the you can opt for Lenovo A6000, Karbonn Mach One or even Moto E 2nd Generation. Final Words, Skip Asus Zenfone C.


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