Apple Watch : Is it worth your Money?

Synonymous with luxury and innovation, Apple is one of the most popular technology brands in the world. Every Apple product has customers queuing for hours to get their hands on the latest releases and we’re wondering whether The Apple Watch will be any different. Smart watches are hardly new technology, but previous models have never really taken off with the general public - instead only being used early by adopters and modders. But could this be the Smartwatch to change it all? 


Yet since the Apple Watch was announced, there has been a large debate around whether this device is actually worth the money. So in this blog, we’re going to discuss the key features of this latest technology, before hopefully coming a conclusion on whether this smartwatch is indeed worth the investment.

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Apple Watch: Smartwatch or just a bling-bling

Different Models

At release, there will be six different versions of the Apple Watch available for purchase. Coming in three styles, each with two different sizes, we can expect to see the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition bracing the shop shelves. The variety of sizes mean they will be accessible to people of all wrist sizes, and the fact that they can be personalized with 34 different types of straps will also, undoubtedly, be pleasing to those who are fashion conscious. 


As this is a smartwatch, the size of the watch face is also important. The watch is best described as a mixture of the iPhone 6 and iPod Nano. It’s possible that the overall design of the watch may be hit or miss for people, as it is fairly chunky and may be too heavy for those with slim wrists. 

Yet the simple addition of rounded sides does give the watch a comfortable feel. 

User Interface

The interface may, at first, be difficult to operate. This is because it is slightly different to regular Apple design, as there isn’t a large surface area for users to work with. Key differences can be found in the way you zoom in and out, which uses the crown on the watch instead of the regular method of your fingers. 

Furthermore, the Apple Watch separates itself from previous Apple technology by utilizing a spherical interface. Instead of apps coming in a format square they’re circle on this device, which actually saves a surprising amount of room. It’s also worth mentioning that these apps needs to be touched exactly in the center to open, but the crowns zooming ability makes this an easier task than it may appear to be on the surface.

One of the stand out features of the watch is the smoothness of the crown. Unlike when you turn regular watches and get a clicking sensation, the Apple watch has removed this feature altogether. It’s fantastic how the brand have provided an extra layer of functionality without cramming more onto the already limited touch screen available. And another shortcut you can perform with the crown is by tapping it, which will send you straight back to the homepage.  Furthermore, situated underneath the crown is a button that is customized for two different purposes. One function will take you to the contact screen, whereas the other turns the device into a payment system. Being able to do both of these with a few taps instead of browsing through a menu system is a great addition to the software.

The Apple Watch is also able to do what you would expect from a smart device - such as sending messages and receiving calls. What comes as a surprise is that it requires an iPhone to do these tasks; effectively making it an iPod touch with a phone.

Health Capabilities

As this is a wearable device, a number of people expected the Apple Watch to be filled with health oriented features, but that isn’t the case. Early prototypes included a stress sensor and blood pressure monitor, but this technology failed to operate properly and was subsequently removed. 

It’s fair to say that this is a big disappointment for a lot of people, and perhaps makes the Apple Watch less attractive to a portion of its target audience. People that regularly exercise are always on the lookout for technologies that can be used unobtrusively - something that The Apple Watch could have provided, but has simply chosen not to. It seems that with the first generation of this watch, it will indeed be the app developers that make this device into an important accessory. 


For most people, an important part of the Apple Watch is battery life. However, it has been confirmed by Apple that the device will need to be charged every day. This is incredibly disappointing for a lot of customers, as it means the device can only be used sparingly. If someone turns it on early morning, it may need charging before the day has even finished - which is not something you really want from a watch. 

Apple have dedicated time to creating a unique charger for this product and have come up with something we’ve ever seen before. The charger it attaches to the back of the watch by utilizing magnets, which may appear impressive, but will likely be significantly more expensive than a regularly charger should you ever need to replace it. 


To stand out, Apple has made sure that they have provided unique technology that will impress users. Being able to use the device to do a payment without using a card is impressive, and makes shopping that little bit easier. Haptic feedback has also been featured as a valuable form of input. This involves different pressures achieved by pressing down, with there being varied results if done in a hard or soft manner.

The operating system has also been created from scratch, so it’s unlike using any other form of Apple device. However, this means that app developers need to start all over again if they want to create something compatible with the device. A lack of release day apps could be a significant turn off for people previously interested in the Apple Watch, which may become a big problem for Apple if they’re not careful. 

Is It A Must Have?

After looking at all the information, is it fair to say that the Apple Watch is a must have? Without having a hands on experience with the technology it’s tough to compare it properly with models create by Samsung and Motorola. But it’s hard to ignore the fact that you need an iPhone to get the most out of this tech, and that there’s a great possibility that there won’t be many apps for it. Furthermore, even though we appreciate the easy payment system, the fact that there are no health benefits is also making us wonder if the Apple Watch is for us.

In short, we’re going to wait a while before investing in this tech to see where it goes. We believe the Apple Watch has the potential to be something great, but until it starts to incorporate all the possibilities it has available to it, we’ll be biding our time. 

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