3 Stories Which Portrays The Role Played By Family in My Success

Family is a very essential part of our life and everyone's life, no matter how bad the situation is, family members always support each other to overcome it. There have been a lot of incidents and situations in my life when my family supported me and encouraged me to overcome them, whether it be when I needed a confidence boost or when I wanted to do something different, I always had support of my family with me. In this post, I will share some different moments and situations, when my family was right behind me, supporting me. I won't take it to flashback and narrate some old and meaningless stories like a crap Bollywood movie, instead I will just briefly describe some recent events, when I had full support from my family members.

Times When Family Stepped as My Cheerleaders!

1. Sailing International Waters

For those who don't know, I work in Merchant Navy as a Navigation Officer and because of my job, I stay out of the country for months. An year ago, when I first went to the ship after completing my Nautical education, I was a training cadet on board a gigantic cargo ship. I still remember the day, when I suddenly got the news that I'll be joining my first ship the very next day and I'll have to board flight tonight for it. I had like hours to pack everything (stuff required for 1 year), meet friends and people before leaving and in all that hassle, I have to catch a flight for Egypt. I needed some time to prepare myself mentally and emotionally (after all I'll be away from homeland and family for an year) - At that time, my family supported me and encouraged me when I was leaving and even throughout the year when I was gone, over phone. My family motivation and encouragement played a very important role throughout my year at training.

2. Blogging

My family also supported me with blogging. I used to spend hours on computer writing articles and replying to comments / emails, I used to be out at Blogger meets / Launch events and many other gatherings. I also used to miss a lot of other stuff because of this but my family never took away their support, they saw my confidence and my happiness. My family's encouragement also played a role in this blog and I'm thankful to them. I remember asking my mom and brother to be silent when I'm shooting videos or when I'm writing articles, and they co-operated well and never opposed it.

3. When I Tried Doing Something Different

I do a lot of different things or I must say I have a lot of different hobbies and I don't want to show-off but I'm pretty good in many of those. Whatever it maybe, my father, my mother and everybody else was always behind me. I remember asking my dad to buy me a guitar when I was a child (I had no idea how to play guitar or how many strings it had at that time) but still my father bought me one the very next day. Whether it be my career or hobbies, my family was always with me and because of their support and encouragement, I reached where I am today. Just to add, I do play guitar till now and I've added a few more hobbies in my account and yes, my family still supports me on all that. 

I recently saw this commercial on the TV which talks about teaching your loved one to be independent or 'Apne parivaar ko apne dum pe jeena sikhao' which roughly translates the same in Hindi. This commerial and above slogan is from HDFC Life Insurance commercial and this article is an entry to their campaign by IndiBlogger.


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