WWE Immortals - Android and iOS Game Review & Impressions

Recently Warner Bros Interactive and WWE announced a new mobile game known as 'WWE Immortals' - The game is created by NetherRealam Studios, who are famous for creating games like Mortal Kombat franchise and Injustice: Gods among us. WWE Immortals is available for Free download on mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Since last week, I'm testing this game in order to write a full-fledged review on it, so far I really enjoyed playing it and in this article, I'll be sharing my experience.


What Makes WWE Immortals Unique?

Honestly saying, Injustice: Gods among us was one of my favorite mobile games and I do like Mortal Kombat games too, so it was obvious that, when the makers of those games come up with WWE game, I'm the first one downloading it. I had seen posters and screenshots of WWE Immortals, prior downloading. All the WWE superstars had a supernatural appearance which made the game more interesting. The game is setup in an alternate universe, where all the superstars battle each other with their unique signature powers.


WWE Immortals Gameplay

There is a story line video which plays before you start the game. The video shows how this alternate universe activates, I haven't paid much attention to the story. It has something to do with a dark lantern which gets stolen by The Authority and accidentally activates the dark lantern, thus opening doors of infinite alternate universes. So the superstars from alternate universes have super-powers which they use as signature moves. Also there are different versions of same superstars in different attire and persona. The characters look amazing, I really liked their look and consider it one of the best thing about the game. 


The game uses card system (just like Injustice: Gods among us), where there are three types of cards; Bronze, Silver and Gold. All the characters are split up in different cards, the Gold card characters are the strongest one (with high power & abilities) and the Bronze ones are the weakest. In a Battle, you are allowed to use three cards. As the character progresses in fights, his level increases, making it stronger. When you have two cards of same character, you can use it to increase it's legendary level. So Basically the game is about collecting and upgrading all the cards through the battles you'll fight. The Battle system is again similar to Injustice. Each character has a different set of moves, which you can perform by sliding your fingers in different ways. There is a Tutorial mode which will teach you all the controls before beginning the game.

Features of the Game

  • Online Multiplayer Mode
  • Massive Roster which includes; Triple H, The Undertaker, Kane, The Bella twins, Paige, Big Show, The Rock, John Cena, Hulk Hogan and many more. Many of the superstars have different variations.
  • Amazing Graphics with custom animations for every superstar.
  • Level Up your cards, increase their power and upgrade them in order to win battles.
  • Your Favorite WWE Superstars in totally different appearance.
  • Challenge Mode to Test your fighting skills
  • Store for buying Superstar cards using currency earned by fighting matches.

Game Roster 

Here is the full list of WWE Superstars available in the game as of yet. Initially you get three Superstar cards, which you use for fighting & winning matches, earning currency, leveling up each of them and using the currency to buy more Superstar cards. The list below has the names of all WWE Superstars in Immortals and their character name from the game.

  1. Big Show as Giant and Lumber Jack
  2. The Rock as Stone Watcher
  3. Triple H as The Authority and King of Kings
  4. Kane as The Demon
  5. The Undertaker as Deadman and Necromancer
  6. Brock Lesnar as Beast Incarnate
  7. John Cena as Soldier and Evolved
  8. Roman Reigns as Centurion and Hound of Justice
  9. Daniel Bryan as Yes! Movement and No! No! No!
  10. Brie Bella as Ice Witch and Lunar Guardian
  11. Nikki Bella as Pyromancer and Solar Assassin
  12. Paige as Dark Sorceress and Banshee Knight
  13. Trish Stratus as White Witch and Angelic Knight
  14. Sheamus as Ancient Druid and Celtic Warrior

WWE Immortals contains most of the current Superstars in amazing new appearance & persona. Many of the above listed superstars have more than one appearance in the game.

How to Download WWE Immortals

WWE Immortals is a Mobile game and currently is available for Android and iOS platform. It is available to download for Free from Google Play Store and iTunes store

Some Screenshots of WWE Immortals

Here are some Screenshots of the game. To get the best idea about the game, watch the Trailer on Youtube.





I've been testing WWE Immortals since a week and I really enjoyed playing it on my device. I enjoyed it so much that it became one of my favorite mobile games at present. I was a bit disappointed to see some characters missing and I would have loved to see a second appearance of Kane, The Rock and Brock Lesnar - But I hope the developers will make some changes and bring more characters in the coming updates. 

The game is beautifully made and I really liked the graphic images used in the menu, loading screen and other screens of the game. The Art work used in the game is spectacular, hats off to the guys who designed them. Each and every superstars look gives a feeling of Ancient monsters & Fantasy characters in life. I would definitely recommend this game to people looking for arcade fighting games like Mortal combat or Injustice. The only difference is that now the Superheroes are replaced by WWE Superstars.


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