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Online property sales and search is not new in India. There have been property related portals in the past which have been offering property listings. However a lot of them have not been quite effective and people even now prefer to visit properties before deciding on opting for them. Hence, among all the property websites available today, which one would qualify as the best property site in India? 


The answer lies in the offerings of each property portal. The end users seek reliability of information offered online. However most of the portals offer sales content and this leads to the decreased trust. The founders of also faced the same problems when they tried to find homes online as students. This is the reason why they decided to create a property portal that would offer verified listing and objectively gathered information that would allow the end users to make the property choice themselves. This is what has resulted in the creation of numerous services offered by the portal. The interesting part is that the end users need these services and it is not merely a marketing push. The portal has been able to identify and fulfil service demand by the use of comprehensive data analytics. 

But this is not the only way the portal has brought about innovation and reliable property services to the end users. 

Technology behind the Website

The home page seems deceptively simple. All the vital services are laid down on the top of the page and the distinctive services like the DSL page and the rental agreements are offered further down. 

Let us assume for explanation sake that an end-user wants to find house for rent in Bangalore. This end user selects ‘Rent’ option and types the name of the locality in Chennai. All the different kinds of rental properties (or similar depending upon the initial choice) are listed in the locality map. This locality map comes up with marked boundaries. An end user can drag the locality boundary to include the adjacent locality as well. All the search results are listed within the marked boundaries. 

It has taken more than a quarter of a year to create this feature. Complex programming allows selection of only those flats for rent in Chennai which lie within the marked boundaries of a locality. The program first identifies the locality and then its boundaries. Then it is supposed to offer only those properties which clearly are not “outside” the bounded region. Any programmer knows how hard it is to explain to a computer what outside or inside may mean.

Technology DSL Pages

DSL pages offer an end user the details of purchase as well as rental prices of apartments and homes. The maps here highlight the availability of house for rent in Chennai along with its corresponding demand. This information is updated every 24 hours. There is also a map that shows end users which localities can be suitable for bringing up children. 

While simple to access and understand, creating the DSL page and the technology that enables the daily updating of information of this page is a complex task. The page is aligned with the analysis results which are updated once every twenty four hours. Programs have been created to constantly update and check the page for accuracy. 


The housing portal has created information laden website which is easy to use. The level of technology inputs that go behind the every single feature of requires intellect and hundreds of man hours invested.  


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