5 Self Defense Gadgets & Gizmos for Women who Travel Alone

With the rise in crimes against women, I'm dedicating this post to women. In this post I will list some best gadgets & gizmos which can be used for self defense by women who travel alone or work / return home late at night. I strongly recommend women to keep at least one of these things with them all the time, the gizmos listed below are handy and can be carried in a handbag by women, also most of them are in-expensive and easily available online. I will also give the link from where you can buy it. 


Please note, the things listed below are harmless (they won't leave any scar/mark or permanent damage to body) but they can be used for neutralizing the attacker for a good amount of time, you can use that time for gathering help or running away from that spot. 

1. Pepper Spray

You must have heard the name several times in Hollywood movies, well it's time to get real. Pepper spray is a small spray bottle containing a liquid, this liquid is actually a powerful Pepper formula which when sprayed on eyes or skin of the attacker, causes irritation to skin and temporary blindness due to burning sensation in eyes. The effect lasts 30 to 45 minutes, which gives you ample time to run away from that spot. 

Pepper spray is available at many different websites, the most popular pepper spray available in India is 'Cobra Magnum' Pepper spray, it comes in small 35 grams (55 ml) spray bottle, which can easily handle 10 to 12 persons. Cobra Magnum Pepper spray is also very affordable, it comes for Rs.300 to 350 (55 ml bottle) - You can use the link below to buy it from Amazon.in

Remember: You don't have to continuously spray the pepper spray on the attacker, a small tap on the spray button with nozzle aiming the eyes can do the trick. But for your information, the whole cobra magnum pepper spray bottle (55 ml) can be emptied if sprayed continuously for six seconds. The Range of pepper spray bottle is 12 feet and it does not cause permanent side effect. Cobra Magnum Pepper spray comes with Double lock system and with a design which has nozzle opposite to the spray button, so you don't need to check where the nozzle is pointing, when you press spray button, the spray will be released from the opposite side.

2. Stun Gun cum Torch Light

This gadget is quite interesting, it is a regular pocket stun gun cum torch light which works as a regular torch but also protects you from attackers & eve-teasers. This stun gun produces High voltage current and neutralizes the attacker for a couple of minutes. The shock it produces is of high voltage, so your attacker might give up after one shot or even by seeing the high voltage current coming out of it. This gadget is also good for scaring away stray dogs at night. This Stun gun cum torch light come with rechargeable battery and comes with enhanced insulation penetration, grabbing protection and safety switch which prevents accidental discharge of current. 

Note: This product does not leave permanent scars, marks or injury. It only stuns the attacker for a few minutes and gives you time to run away and get help. This does not cause permanent injury of any kind but still read the manufacturers safety guide before using it.

3. LipsStick Stun Gun cum Flash Light

This too works as a regular stun gun but it is more beautifully made. It looks like a Lipstick but in reality it is a stun gun holding 9.8 Million volt (According to manufacturer) cum a torch light. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, a high-voltage generator which produces high voltage to neutralize attacker for a good amount of time. It is made to look like a red lipstick and can be carried easily anywhere.

4. iPhone Case Pepper Spray

This awesome iPhone case has a pepper spray mount which can accommodate pepper spray cartridge which can be easily released at press of a button. This pepper spray can neutralize your attacker for 30 to 45 minutes without causing any permanent blindness or injury. The effect will wear off after 45 minutes.

5. Swiss Knives

Swiss knives are very popular, thanks to television and internet. The best thing about them is that they contain multiple tools in one and are quite handy and easy to carry around. They are useful in many ways and can also help in self defense. A Swiss knife contains several pointed and sharp tools which can be used as a weapon for self defense. Other thing is that they are easily available at Major stationary stores, departmental stores and of course on Internet.

Swiss knives come in many different varieties with different number of tools, the original Victorinox swiss knives are quite expensive but there are many other brands which sell swiss knives at as low as Rs.200 to 500 which also come in 10 to 21 tools swiss knives. Below is the link to buy swiss knive at low price.

Important Points to Remember

So this was it, we've listed some handy gizmos which can be used for self defense by women who travel alone at night or by people for personal safety & security. The above list was made keeping the price point in mind, I tried my best to list gadgets and gizmos which are affordable and easily available. I recommend the Top 4 gadgets from the list, the fifth one is there for optional purpose but recently I've seen the price of mobile stun gun going up, so I won't recommend that.

  • We do not sell the above listed items, link has been provided for online stores and eCommerce websites selling the items.
  • This article is for information and educational purposes only, we haven't used or tested the above listed products, for any questions & queries contact the manufacturer or support center.
  • This article was written keeping Women safety in mind, these gizmos & gadgets are to be kept for worst cases or as backup plan. Before going out at night, make sure you take necessary safety steps, don't rely on them solely. 
  • If you are using stun gun product, make sure it is fully charged every time you leave house. 
  • In case of pepper spray, make sure the bottle contains enough liquid for instant use.
  • Keep these items in easily accessible locations, if you are walking on shady streets alone, keep the items in hand for instant use whenever required. 

Also follow other safety measures, Make sure you have local police station number in your phone, make sure you inform somebody about your location or means of travel every few minutes. When taking Cab or Rickshaw at night, note down the number first and forward it to somebody over phone or just pretend that you are talking to someone (Make sure that the driver hears you forwarding the number of his vehicle, This way he will get scared and will drop you home safely) 

There are many such tips which you can follow, just do a Google search for more tips. Your safety is in your hands. 


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