Quikr NXT Review: With Online Chat & Phone Number Privacy

I’ve been fairly regular at Quikr whenever I wanted to get rid of my old stuff, especially mobile phones & gaming consoles, and sometimes when I needed used stuff in mint condition. Believe me, I do that a lot of times. Since I’m a Tech enthusiast, I usually get fed up of my electronic devices & smartphones and eventually go to Quikr & post ads for selling them, in order to buy new ones. I’m very much familiar with all buying & selling procedure and have a lot of experience in this field. Recently I noticed that Quikr introduced some new features in their system, which goes as Quikr NXT or simply meaning next generation of classic buying & selling system.
No More Fake Calls
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Quikr NXT adds up three new features in classic Quikr, and they are as follows; 1) Photo Sharing, 2) Phone Number Privacy and 3) Online Chat with buyer/seller. These three revolutionary features really brings great improvement in online classified posting system. It helps in keeping the phone number private, so the person who posts ads, does not get fake calls. It gives option to chat online for instant replies & queries and also saves you from sharing your phone number with world at large. I, myself find Quikr NXT very useful, as it solves many problems which used to be there earlier; To mention some of them: Calls at In-convenient times or I must say un-godly hours, difficulty of keeping track of price quoted to different buyers and so on. Not to forget, Fake calls- They’re so irritating that I started saying things like ‘The stuff is sold’ or ‘wrong number’ to the caller, even when it hasn’t. Quikr NXT saves me from all that hassle.

Why Online Chat is better than Phone Calls?

If you ask me, I’ll just repeat the story I narrated above, but as a Tech writer, I’ll have to offer more sensible reasons to convince my vast readership. So here are the Top 3 reasons why I think Online Chat is better than Phone Calls (when you’ve listed some item on Quikr)

1. Privacy

This is the number one reasons why I think online chat is better option than phone calls. In order to get phone calls, we have to share our phone numbers with the world at large, which means our phone numbers no longer stays private. Any fake caller or “bloody cheap” companies/agents can pick up your number and call for “Credit cards” and “Insurance policy”- Quikr NXT eliminates that completely with their Online chat feature. With Online chat feature, your Quikr handle becomes the only connection between you and the buyer, which means he can only contact you through chat and you can reply whenever you feel convenient, using Quikr website or mobile app. This also eliminates fake calls & calls at inconvenient times.

2. Keep Track of Conversations

quikr-nxtWhenever I used to post ads on Quikr, I used to get calls from multiple buyers, all negotiating at different prices. Many times I used to forget the price I quoted to specific buyer and ended up ruining the deal. With Online chat, we can actually keep track of the conversation with the buyer and thus the deals go more efficiently.

3. Convenience & Comfort

Quikr NXT features work with the mobile app, which makes it easier to manage and also comfortable. Also it gives the freedom to reply at our convenience and at the time we choose. Earlier I used to get some early morning calls, waking me up just to enquire about the listing. Also some late night calls, past 11.00 pm for information regarding listings. These calls are very annoying and hardly turns out useful. Most of the time the caller will just ask silly questions, quote a really low price and end the call saying some clichés like ‘Ok I will call you back’ etc. They never do!

That’s it! These were the main reasons why I Quikr NXT. Finally I got rid of the problems, I used to face earlier, all thanks to Quikr.com – I hope this article was interesting, do let me know your views in the comments. Good luck for now.


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