Micromax Yu Yureka vs Xiaomi Redmi 2 : Which one is the Best Budget Phone?

It must be said that there’s no lack of options for an Indian smartphone buyer these days. Gone are the times when there used to be a few choices in smartphone market for budget buyers. Since companies have started paying attention to the Indian customer seeing the potential of this market, “few options” have become a thing of past. This is the best time to get a smartphone because the pricing war between big giants and small start-ups has heated and butter-smooth performing devices are being offered for unbelievable prices. Just look at the two latest rival offerings Micromax Yu Yureka and Xiaomi Redmi 2. While Yureka is available for purchase since January 13, Redmi 2 still has to be launched in the market. But as you may expect, too many choices create a stage of dilemma before customers. Same is the case with Yureka and Redmi 2, as buyers like you’re wondering whether to wait for Redmi 2 or to go with Yureka instead. Before we get down to the comparison, I think I should point you out to this article which talks about bunch of really good flip covers and cases for Micromax Yu. Let us now go ahead and compare these device.


Micromax Yu Yureka vs Xiaomi Redmi 2


Since Redmi 2 hasn’t yet been launched in India we couldn’t compare the hardware of both these devices side-by-side, but Yureka seems to be more powerful than Redmi 2, at least in specs sheet. While Redmi 2 is powered by a 64-bit 2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor, Yureka is powered by a 64-bit 1.5 GHz octa-core Snapdragon 615 chipset. The former has got Adreno 306 GPU while later has Adreno 405, and while former has 1GB of RAM, later has double of that. So it’s clear that in hardware department Yureka is ahead of Redmi 2 by leaps and bounds.


Coming to the software side, Redmi 2 is based on Android 4.4 KitKat OS with MIUI 6.0. On the other hand, Yureka is running Cyanogen OS 11, which is also based on KitKat, but company has already announced that it’ll certainly receive Android Lollipop based update of OS before anyone else. Plus, Cyaongen OS can be customized much more than any other version of Android. So here too Yureka seems to be excelling.

Xiaomi Redmi 2


The display of Yureka is 5.5-inches large with a resolution of 267ppi. Redmi 2, on the other side, has a 4.7-inches large display with 312ppi. Both are full-HD displays, so there’s not much difference in terms of resolution. However, bigger display enthusiasts will find Micromax Yureka amazing while those who put more emphasis on pixel density will find Redmi 2 to be a better option. Basically I would like to say that both displays are amazing.


Redmi 2 has got internal storage capacity of 8GB with expandable storage up to 32 GB. Yureka has got internal storage of 16GB and expandable storage same as that of Redmi 2. Do I need to say more?


Coming to the conclusion I would like to say that if you’re eager to get your device then you can definitely go for Micromax Yu Yureka without worrying much as it looks more promising than Redmi 2, which hasn’t even been announced for Indian market till now. But if you’re not in a hurry then there’s nothing wrong in waiting for a while until Redmi 2 is launched.


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