ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Official Game Launched By Disney India

Recently at an event which was held in Sydney, Australia on February 06 2015 and in Mumbai, India on February 07 2015, Disney India Interactive launched official game of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 for PC's, Smartphones and DTH platforms. The game is titled 'ICC Pro Cricket 2015' and is an offering from Indiagames, which is one of the key brands in Disney India Interactive. The Mumbai launch event was held at Disney India's Office, where the media persons & few bloggers were invited for the first look and gameplay of ICC Pro Cricket 2015. Being one of the first people to play this game, today I'll be sharing my experience with it and also talk some more the game.

ICC Pro Cricket 2015

ICC Pro Cricket 2015 Gameplay

When for the first time I came to know about this game, I expected it to be like all other cricket games with same features, camera angles etc. but when I experienced it personally, I found that though this is a Cricket game, there were many major improvements in this game as compared to the other ones in the market. The game seemed smooth and light weighted, the computer was not struggling to keep the game going. Also the Batting camera angles were much better than other Cricket games, Most of the cricket games features Batting camera angle from Bowlers view or I would say Television view, there is nothing wrong with this view but somewhere I think this view doesn't bring the feeling of actually playing the game, it looks more like watching the game. ICC Pro Cricket 2015 also features a camera view taken from Wicketkeepers perspective, along with the regular Bowlers view. This view takes your closer to the Batsman and you can actually see the Bowler running towards you and delivering his bowl, this camera angle takes the player to the actual field view and brings the feeling of actually playing the game. Honestly, I enjoyed playing the game from the new camera angle and this little thing was one of the things which impressed me.

Game Features

ICC Pro Cricket 2015 also has many other features. Below is the complete list of the features and some technical details as well.

  • First ever cricket game with real simulation & card management.
  • Two Gameplay Camera Angles.
  • Different Game Modes like ICC Cricket World Cup Tournament, World Tour Mode (Where you can create your Dream Team and Tour the World) and last but not the least, Quick Play Mode.
  • Contains All 14 countries, which are participating in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, with original Player names.
  • Motion captured animation to get the real cricketing experience.
  • Intuitive batting controls.
  • Innovative bowling controls with the most in depth bowling experience in a cricket game ever. Control the speed of the ball, the line and length and make sure you don’t cross the line. 
  • Compete against people from around the world and get on top of the leader board. 
  • Daily Objectives: Get new objectives to complete every day and earn points and coins which will help you strengthen your squad.
  • Train, upgrade, sell, buy players. It’s all up to you, your team and your players

Compatible Platforms

According to Disney India, ICC Pro Cricket 2015 will be available on PC as a stand-alone version. The cut down versions of the game will be available for Android and iOS platforms. There will also be a DTH version of the game on Dish TV and Airtel Digital TV subscribers. Disney also confirmed that ICC Pro Cricket 2015 won't be coming to gaming consoles like XBox, Playstation, Nitendo etc. At least not soon, let's see if Disney changes their mind in future , but for now, people who own gaming consoles won't be able to enjoy this game.

How to Download

The PC version of the game ICC Pro Cricket 2015 can be downloaded from their official website ProCricket2015.com, the PC version costs $9.99 (one-time payment) and after that the game can be downloaded on your PC. The Android version can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Free! same goes for iOS version, which is available at iTunes for Free. For DTH version, contact your Dish providers customer care center.
Please Note: Disney India intends to launch the game on Dish TV and Airtel Digital TV only.

Screen Shots of ICC Pro Cricket 2015

ICC Pro Cricket 2015

ICC Pro Cricket 2015

ICC Pro Cricket 2015

Things I didn't like About ICC Pro Cricket 2015

Before I start with the cons of the game, let me tell you that this was one of the best and easiest to play Cricket games, I've ever played. So let's begin with Cons now.

  • No Multiplayer Mode
  • No Internet connectivity / No Multiple Platform Syncing
  • Cricket Legends like 'Sachin Tendulkar' not included in the game.
  • Less Number of Stadiums to choose from.
  • No Playstation / Xbox version

That's it I guess, I just tested the game for like half an hour, so for now, the above list of cons is what I did manage to find. I might do a full review on the game once I get my hands on it. 


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