How to Get a Better Car Using Quikr NXT

A car might be a common thing in the western countries, but in India, it is still counts as a luxury for the reasons being; parking space is hard to find, traffic jams are usual, expensive fuel and other maintenance costs. Most of the middle class people in India, buy a used car as their first one, before going for new car. The most common reason for this is that, used cars are cheaper than new cars, used cars can take you to next level without spending a fortune in buying new cars, used cars are good for practicing your newly acquired driving skills without having the fear of damaging your car. These were some of the advantages of buying a used car as your first one, but wait, there are disadvantages too. Many times people sell off their cars because they have some issues and internal problems which are recurring time to time. So if you happen to buy such car, you might have to spend a lot of money paying for servicing and maintenance. To avoid such issues, you must either get an inspection done by a mechanic before purchasing used car or you must purchase it from trusted classifieds like Quikr, but make sure that you inspect the car thoroughly before buying it.


In this article, I will talk on How to get a better car using Quikr, I will also share some tips which will help you get a good deal for the money you pay. So without wasting time, lets begin.

What is Quikr NXT

If you regularly visit classified websites then you might have heard of this thing called Quikr NXT. In short Quikr NXT is an advanced version of Quikr, with new features making it more convenient and easy for users. Basically, it adds up three major features to Quikr. 

  • Phone Number Privacy;
  • Online Chat Support
  • Photo Sharing

Breaking down the above features in detail, Phone number privacy ensures that your mobile number is not visible to spammers and bots. Only people who are interested in buying will be able to contact you and you can share your number personally. This is where the next feature comes into play, Online Chat. You can use Online Chat option for conversation with customers, you can track the conversation and can also keep track of the price quoted to an individual. Also, with online chat , you can respond to buyers/sellers at your convenience, whenever you want, this eliminates late night or early morning phone calls. Last but not the least, you can share photos using chat and get the best deal.

This is the brief description of Quikr NXT, below are the steps, which you can follow to get a better used car off Quikr.

How to Get a Better Car Using Quikr

So assuming that you are looking for a used car in best condition possible. Follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Log on to and select your locality.
Step 2: Select the Category 'Cars & Bikes

Step 3: Use the search bar for searching the car model you are interested in. For this article, I'll be using Honda City as the car we want to buy. Once you enter your search, you'll see several results coming up.

Step 4: Go for premium ad results, as those cars are in better conditions. You can also look for other classified ads and see which one suits your budget.

Step 5: Once you've shortlisted a few classifieds, it's time to contact the sellers. You can do that by leaving a message or by calling the seller (if the phone number is available)

Step 6: Fix an inspection date with the seller and inspect the car thoroughly. Take a local mechanic with you for inspection, he'll be able to point out issues and repairs. Also using his experience, he will be able to tell if the car is worth buying or not.

Step 7: Take a Test Drive to ensure everything is running smoothly. Ask your friend or relative who is an experienced driver to come and test drive.

Step 8: Once everything is done, you can negotiate the price with the seller. Make sure you are getting all the documents and registration along with the car. Also make sure that you transfer the papers on your name.

Step 9: Once everything is done, and you are satisfied. Make the payment and take the delivery. Congratulations!

  • Take a Mechanic along with you for Inspection of used car.
  • Take a Test drive before buying, to ensure everything is working.
  • Make sure that the documentation is proper and get it transferred to your name.
  • Negotiate the price according to your budget.


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