15 Best & Free Educational Apps for iOS

With the arrival of new age technology, educational apps too have made their entry strong in the market in huge varieties and numbers. The teachers who have approach to mobile technology are rushing to look for the excellent educational apps for iPhones. Educators including lecturers, instructors, professors, mentors, take the help of these apps for analyzing their education works, communicating with their students, teaching them, and motivating creativity, etc.


Quite many superb education apps are available for elementary and high school students. Here we have mentioned for you the 15 best free educational apps for iPhones that will be extremely beneficial for you.

As conveyed by the educators, the 3D Brain is a superb learning tool for the students as this app displays and explains all parts of brain. You just need to use your touch screen for rotating and zooming approximately 29 interactive structures. You can explore how each of your brain portions operates, what actually happens when it gets injured, and how it is engrossed in mental sickness. Every detailed formation approaches with info on case studies, functions, brain damage and disorders.

Students can use BrainPOP educational app for free that includes movies as well as quizzes. This app can teach then many different things in various subjects every day; and also interesting quizzes that can polish the students’ IQ level. The subjects cover math, science, arts and social studies. They can watch distinct animated movies often, and also check their knowledge with responsive quizzes.

This app is used quite often by the teachers as well as students for sharing various stuffs. They can easily use this app, and documents and other information can be shared greatly. Teachers and instructors can offer a secure and simple method to collaborate with their students anywhere and at anytime. Edmodo provides them to post assignments, protects classroom discussions, sharing files and tracking grade-books.

With the help of this free map app, students can learn about the history in depth. If they enjoy reading history, it will be incredible to know about the world history. This app shows distinct ancient maps that cover for example, general maps, Word War I and II regions, Polar Regions and Oceans, etc. The subject matter is basically social studies. The students can discover the world via interactive maps that display geo-political as well as geographical shifts with the passing time.

Mad Libs is the world’s biggest word game that has appeared with a fresh new look. Language Arts is the subject matter of Mad Libs. Students will enjoy with this app to the core, as they can build their own grammatical skills. The free Mad Libs is good at analyzing parts of speech while crafting silly stories. The features of this app include 21 free Mad Libs stories added with new free contents; interactive hints offer; and new swipe gestures crafting quick and easy stories.

The NASA app that covers science (astronomy) is a killer app showcasing high definition, spectacular images, and demanding videos. Its features comprise viewing more than 13,000 space images, watching more than 9,000 NASA videos across the agency; launch schedule and a calendar of their missions. One can also discover the latest news, images, videos, tweets, mission information, and feature stories of NASA. You can even tap on the satellites and know about how and why they get launched into the space.

The free Project Noah app is a helpful app in Science (Botany, Biology, and Ecology). So if you want to know about wildlife and plants in detail, then you can certainly download this app. You can even share your wildlife experiences through this app, and assist in documenting the biodiversity of the planet. This app is really valuable and can be used for outdoors.

This app will help in crafting your own electronic storybook by addition of images and texts. You can write few texts, and demonstrate by taking photographs and drawing on the screen. The users can portray creative drawings with the use of StoryKit.

iPhone’s free iTunes U app offers you approach to the courses of schools and universities. These courses afford you course materials, assignments, books, audio, video, apps, presentations and documents. iTunes U comprises more than 500,000 free videos, lectures, books and other distinct resources on numerous subjects from Zoology to Astrology.

The free SparkNotes for iPhone app is one of the most trendy study guides for philosophy, literature, Shakespeare poetry, shirt stories and drama. You can approach hundreds of online study guides and 50 pre-installed study guides in your library with the help of SparkNotes. You can check what subject you are studying and also the place where you are studying.

Students can take advantage of Quick Graph which is actually a graphing calculator. You will be allowed to graph numerous equations at equal time, alter their colors, outline them, etc. Quick Graph even sustains 2D and 3D graphics in polar and rectangular forms.

One of the most general studying techniques is to utilize flashcards. You can apply the free electronic flashcards on your iPhone, and thus can have your own flash cards wherever you move. This signifies you’ll most likely grip into many mini study lessons whenever you want with better results.

This app for iPhone is what its name exactly signifies as it offers you daily a new official SAT question. You can even see the latest questions from past seven days. While checking your answer, this app provides you details and also offers a statistical break of number of questions you have got it right in that group.

This app for iPhone is one of the superb products of internet and education as you’ll have free approach of videos on topics varying from history, advanced science, kindergarten, humanities, etc. You can even download videos for watching them offline. 

You can download distinct types of books to your iPhone from Amazon’s free app Kindle. The Kindle store comprises distinct classic books for free, but the simple way to approach these books is to visit the free eBook collections available.

We hope you have liked the above educational apps as they are very much efficient in your daily works. These apps are accessible online for free; so you can install them anytime and use them frequently.

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