5 Things I Would Love To Do Someday in Life

I’ve always been an adventure seeker, whether it be a joining Merchant Navy as a career or participating in unusual sports and activities throughout. There are still like a thousand things in my bucket which I would love to try and tick them off but my responsibilities don’t allow me that right now. I believe that someday when I will be fully secured and as IDBI Federal Lifesurance they say BefikarUmarBhar, I will definitely go ahead and conquer the checklist given below.


5 Things I Would Love To Do Someday in Life

Travel the World

Being in Merchant Navy, I always travel the world but I don’t know why I still don’t feel that I am achieving something which I always wanted to do. Maybe because I’m working while travelling and still have some work responsibilities which doesn’t let me travel like a normal traveler would do, I mean with a free mind like on vacation, but I don’t carry that mind when travelling. So once I’m retired and done will all those stuff, I will love to travel the world once again with a free mind. I want to visit all the significant places and happily tick it off from my checklist.

Sky Diving

Do you have the courage to jump off an airplane with a parachute on your back? Well I do. Sky diving is one of the top things in my bucket which I would like to do sometime in life. The thrill of jumping off a plane in midair with nothing but a parachute is just awesome (even to think of doing that gives me Goosebumps) and I want to see how it feels like flying by jumping off a plane someday.

Night Out in Vegas

A famous saying is that ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ – Las Vegas is one of the most happening cities in the world, a city which never sleeps and a city which is also known as Sin city. A city full of casinos, lights, amazing people and of course sin everywhere. I would love to visit Vegas once again, last time wasn’t enough. Night Out in Vegas is another thing from my checklist which I will do someday when I’m done with my responsibilities and have time for myself.

Play in a Rock Band

Being a guitarist myself, I always wanted to play in a Rock band as a lead guitarist but I couldn't do it because of my career, studies and other important things. I didn’t had any time to rehearse, to practice with a band and to play at some live gig. One day I would love to fulfill this dream of mine.

Scale Mount Everest 

Ok, I know this is a bit too much but as I earlier said, I’m an adventure seeker and I want to achieve thing which are almost impossible for other people. If I got an opportunity, I would love to scale the Mount Everest and see how it feels to be on the top of the world. Climbing Mount Everest isn't one of the top things in my checklist, but it is there and I will try my best to check it off from the list if given opportunity.

So guys, these were the top five things in my bucket which I would love to conquer when I’m befikar and have time to spend on myself. Probably after I retire, but then I will put all my power and try to conquer my checklist and will live a life, which I always dreamed of.


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