3 Technology Tips to Make Bedtime Ritual Smooth for Parents

Being a parent is a tough job and quite pleasurable at once. There will be times when it will become very hard for you to manage your daily routine but that's just a usual thing for new parents, you must keep going as these are the most precious memories of parents, to see their child grow. One of the daily routine with your child is Bedtime ritual. A Bedtime Ritual is a ritual often performed by the parents which shows their affection and love towards their little one, where parents try to settle their kids down in the warmth of their bed and perform an activity which turns out as a daily ritual over some time. These ritual can be anything which you do before wishing your child good night. It can be reading a book or a story, it can be singing a lullaby or listening to soothing music or maybe just a good night kiss and tight hugging. The activity or activities which you perform everyday before you settle your child to sleep is known as Bedtime ritual.

bedtime ritual

This article is solely dedicated to the new parents out there, I often help people with my technology tips and tricks but I haven't yet wrote a post helping new parents with the Tech tips. Since technology is so advance now, there are a lot of things which can make the bedtime ritual smooth and happy with a little spice of technology. Today I going to talk about some methods you can use to make the bedtime ritual a happy time for your kid. The tips mentioned below are not some new recipes, they are just same old things but with a little bit flavor of tech. 

1. Reading Stories from eBook using eReader Apps

Reading books is just old school, nowadays people has smaller houses and no place to keep a lot of books, even if you have place for books, this new method still makes the whole thing easier. There are a lot of EBook reading apps which can help you keep all your apps with you in your mobile phone or tablet and read your child's favorite story to them whenever needed. When travelling, the eBook reading is much better than reading a real book, since you don't have to carry the physical book with you. With EBook apps, you can read your child's favorite story, even when you are away from home. Such apps are available at every mobile app store, Android users can get it from Google Play Store and iOS users can get it from iTunes store.

2. Lullaby App for Playing Musical Lullabies

Trust me, no body knows decent lullabies nowadays, except for those lame ones from their own childhood (if they are lucky enough to remember) - Since the world is moving ahead at a faster pace now, we want to nurture our child with the best and better things than we used to do in the past. It is a common thing that people nowadays, don't want to sing the old and lame lullabies (which they used to hear in childhood) to their child. So this Apps comes for rescue, The Lullaby Apps contains several lullaby's recorded with background music and stuff. These lullaby's are catchy and the background music makes it a lot better and easy. You don't have to sing the whole thing, just play them and sing along. This will really help, if your toddler is not feeling sleepy or is crying a lot, these lullaby's will surely calm them down. You can download the app from Google Play store and iTunes store, depending on your mobile platform.

3. Massaging Your Child with Phone Massager

Every mobile phone has a vibrating system inbuilt which helps you by alerting when your receive calls, messages or notifications. We can make use of the vibration in massaging the pressure points of your child, using a special app known as Phone Massager, you can actually massage the pressure points of your child before bedtime. Some light massages will help your child relax and get a good night's sleep. You can get the app from Google Play Store or just google it.

The above Pampers commercial shows a new product known as Baby Dry Pants which helps your baby gets a good sleep without any disturbance from a wet diaper.

So guys that was it, I could have added some more points but that would've taken the tech out of it so I'm leaving it here. I hope you find this article interesting, do share it with the new parents you know so that they can take advantage of all this.

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