10 Reasons Why Yu Yureka is Totally Inspired by Xiaomi

Forget big companies, the hottest war of mobile technology in India is going on between Xiaomi & Yu. Both the companies launched amazing smartphones with extra-ordinary hardware and cutting-edge price. Xiaomi being the first company to start the trend of flash sales in India, was followed by many other companies who tried the same method of selling phones. Recently Micromax announced a new brand named Yu and it's first smartphone, Yureka, which again grabbed lot's of attention, the reason being that first of all the price was low, it had great hardware and Cyanogenmod pre-installed, but as soon as the phone was revealed, many similarities between Yureka & Xiaomi phones came out, confirming that Yureka was inspired by Xiaomi and was made to compete with it. Below is a list of things which tell us that Yureka is nothing but an attempt from Yu to dominate Xiaomi.


Note: This post is for fun purpose, I'm not saying that Yureka is a bad device, In fact I like both Xiaomi and Yu smartphones, but there were some things which I noticed and that made me write this post. 

10 Reasons Why Yureka is Inspired by Xiaomi

Here are the 10 reasons;

1. Price

The Price Yu is offering for Yureka is straight away targeting Xiaomi Redmi Note & Note 4G smartphones. Apart from the "Amazon Rs.12,500 Incident" the phone was priced at exact amount as Redmi Note.

2. Box & Packing

I find it really funny that Yureka didn't waste any time deciding how the box will look, they straight away stole Xiaomi's box design, replaced it with their logo and Bazinga! The packaging is ready. Yureka also uses recycled cardboard box for packaging (same as Xiaomi), that's not it, the design Yu chose is exact same as Xiaomi (except the logo). If you take a look at Yureka's box, it's completely same as Xiaomi's packaging. Well done Yu!

3. Flash Sales

Xiaomi was the first company in India to conduct flash sales for selling their smartphones, Yureka seemed to pick up this trend. Yureka follows the same flash sale system as Xiaomi, in this a customer has to register for the upcoming sale. On the day of sale, the customers who've pre-registered for the sale will get a chance to buy the phone.

Note: Registering for sale does not guarantee reservation of device. Every sale has limited units and very high number of registrations, phones will be given on first come first serve basis.

4. Facebook Page

Not only the device, Yu is also following Xiaomi's social tactics. If you closely notice Xiaomi's and Yureka's facebook page, you'll see lot of similarity. Xiaomi used to update their page frequently and also used to leave a Thank You message along with the time in which the sale concluded. Yureka picked it up and started doing the same. 

5. Hardware Specifications

The specifications of Yureka clearly say that it has been developed to compete with Xiaomi's Redmi Note. Yureka also shares many similarities with OnePlus One (Build type, texture and of course Cyanogenmod) but the hardware still looks Xiaomi inspired.

Yu Yureka Hardware & Technical Specifications

6. Sale Day conflicts with Xiaomi Sales

Not only Yureka picked up the flash sale system, they also kept their Sales on the same-day and same-time as Xiaomi. Xiaomi sales in India are held at 2 PM on the Sale day at Flipkart, Yureka also conducts their sales at 2 PM on sale day at Amazon, giving tough competition to Xiaomi.

7. Rooting is Under Warranty

Xiaomi was the first (as far as I know) to come up with this. Even if you mess up your device by rooting, Xiaomi will cover it under warranty. Yureka also made Rooting legal on their devices, so if you mess up your Yureka by rooting, don't worry, just take it to service center. 

8. Yu Name Inspired by Mi

Xiaomi or Mi loosely means Me, Yu also opted for similar name Yu which loosely means You. If you see the way they played with the words with Yu is very similar to Xiaomi's Mi. 

9. Forced 4G Support

Xiaomi was first to introduce a cheap 4G LTE Smartphone which was Redmi Note 4G. Yureka also forced 4G LTE support on their device, so that there are no weak points.

10. Official Accessories

Xiaomi used this tactic to make a better place in Indian market, after the launch of their smartphones in India, they started releasing official accessories of their phones. Since these phones were only available online, it took time for the unofficial accessories to come out - till then customers opted for official accessories. Yu seems to follow the same with their official accessories, as of now the official tempered glass screen guard is available on Amazon.

So that's it guys, I know some of the reasons may seem funny, as I said before beginning this post that this post if for fun purpose only, to be honest, you don't need these reasons to know whether Yu is inspired by Mi or not. You can actually see for yourself.

They have Pretty similar features;

If you go online checking the features of Yureka and Xiaomi Redmi Note smartphone then you'll find that both of them have pretty similar features. Though they are using Android OS and different interfaces, still the features are pretty similar. This doesn't make Yureka, Mi Inspired but I'm sure Xiaomi is the biggest competition for Yureka.

I hope this post was interesting, do let me know your views in comments.

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