10 Reasons Why Xiaomi Mi 3 Still Stands A Chance Against Mi 4

Xiaomi finally revealed their most awaited flagship phone Mi 4 to Indian market at an event held in New Delhi on January 28 and in Mumbai on January 29, 2015. The phone do packs spectacular looks, over-the-edge hardware and amazing features but still some people think that it is overpriced at Rs.19,999. What I think? Well, I don't think that it is overpriced, in fact before the release, I predicted the price to be 20k and it came out same. Mi 4 surely does provide what it promises but yes, a part of me do thinks that the price could have been a bit low. Being an Mi 3 user myself, I don't see any urgent urge to upgrade to Mi 4 yet, because Mi 3 still stands a chance against Mi 4 for a number of reasons. If you are a Mi 3 user and are thinking to upgrade to Mi 4, well think again! Ask yourself if you really need to upgrade? Yeah, it looks great but is that a valid reason to upgrade? I don't think so.


Below are 10 Reasons Why I think Xiaomi Mi 3 still stands a chance against Mi 4, I hope this article brings smile to the face of current Mi 3 users (who for some reason can't upgrade) and also relives them and makes them fall in love with their phone again. Enough chit-chat, lets go ahead.

Why Mi 3 Still Stands a Chance Against Mi 4?

1. Has NFC Support

Though Mi 4 is a successor of Mi 3 but it still lacks NFC support. NFC doesn't matter much for me but if you are a regular user of it, you may feel like a disabled person with Mi 4. This gives an edge to Mi 3 over Mi 4.
2. Better Built Quality & Slimmer

At 8.1 mm thickness, Mi 3 is slimmer than the 8.9 mm thick Mi 4. The difference is not very big though but its still visible when you hold both in hands. Also the material used for building Mi 3 body seems more premium than Mi 4's plastic back. Also note that Mi 3 also has poly-carbonate back but the finish gives it metallic look and feel.

3. Almost Same Performance as Mi 4

Mi 4 packs upgraded hardware but the performance is still pretty same. Obviously Mi 4 will score better benchmark scores but in day-to-day life the performance seems pretty same. It's not like a big leap for hardware, Mi 3 packs a Snapdragon 800 Krait processor clocked at 2.3 GHz and Mi 4 packs Snapdragon 801 Krait processor clocked at 2.5GHz. The difference is minimum, so Mi 3 still is good enough.

4. Dual LED Flash

People who are fans of Flash photography may find Mi 4 average since it only packs single LED Flash. Mi 3 users, cheer up! you've got Dual-LED Philips Flash which is more powerful than Mi 4's single LED flash. I know this reason won't matter much to Mi 4 buyers but better is better and the truth is that Mi 3 has better Flash.

5. Same Display & Rear Camera

The Display of Mi 4 is similar to the one used on Mi 3. Both the phones pack 5 inch IPS Full HD Displays of resolution, 1920 x 1080 pixels and with pixel density of ~441 ppi. The rear camera of both the phones is also 13 Megapixel. However Mi 4 packs more camera features but that is just a software thing and will be available for Mi 3 too when the update rolls out.

6. Weighs Slightly Less than Mi 4

Mi 3 is lighter than Mi 4, the difference is very small, in fact 4 grams but Mi 3 users can still brag about having a lighter phone. Mi 3 weighs 145 grams, whereas Mi 4 weight 149 grams. 

7. Similar Battery Backup

The initial testing and reviews reveal that Mi 3's battery lasts longer than Mi 4's - The difference here is again not that much, so we can believe that Mi 3 and Mi 4 has similar kind of battery backup.

8. Same Features, except for few new additions.

The rest of the hardware of Mi 4 is also almost similar to the Mi 3's hardware, expect for new additions like IR Blaster for converting your phone into universal remote, another new addition is a replaceable back cover and of course a much better 8 megapixel Front camera. The RAM on Mi 4 (3 GB) is also higher than Mi 3 (2 GB) etc.

9. Mi 3 has Unique Look of it's own

Mi 3 looks unique and premium in it's own way but Mi 4 looks like a Hybrid of Apple and Samsung. The front and sides of Mi 4 looks like a typical iPhone, expect for the back which reminds me of Galaxy Smartphones. Anyways Mi 4 gives you looks of iPhone/Samsung with amazing performance of it's own, This is a good thing and I liked it, but Mi 3 has a unique look of it's own which I guess gives an edge to Mi 3.

10. Mi 3 is priced way low

Mi 3 was launched in India at a price of Rs.13,999 which was way too low for such a smartphone but this time Xiaomi raised the price to 19,999 - which isn't too much but is not what people expected. The 6K raise sounds like a big leap but with features & performance almost similar, many people are still sticking to their Mi 3's

The above reasons were just to cheer up Mi 3 users and to make them realize whether the upgrade is required or not. Finally, Its your choice, if you think you can overlook these things and go for Mi 4. Good Luck! 


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