Awesome Strategies & Tools to Get Your Blog Traffic up by 200 Percent

Raising your blog traffic can be a huge pain in the you-know-what. Everyday hundreds of blogs compete with each other to get the best traffic they can get however did you ever think that they never change their strategies. Changing strategies can be huge step in making your blog a hit. If your blog strategies are better than the blog you’re competing with, you can easily gain double the traffic you’re getting right now. That’s right! Change of link building strategies can get you over 200% the traffic you’re getting right now. 

In this post we’ll be telling you about the link building strategies that raise blog traffic by over 200% and will guaranteed get you better revenue. 

Understand your Audience


Keep a good look on your audience. Make sure you know what topic of yours they like the best and what they don’t. Usually the best tip to find this out is to keep an eye on your interactions. When more of your audience interacts on a certain post, that’s your signal to write more on that topic. The more you write on that topic the more you’ll gain traffic. This strategy even shoots up your audience to an astounding 120%. That is something you’d love to apply on your blog. 

Create Viral Content

It’s 2015 and things go viral in a minute if it’s creative and it’s different. Voila! You’ve successfully made your viral content. The more creative it is, the more hits you’ll get however this is more useful for videos. If you want to make written content the best, then you need to keep notice of a few things.


  • Take good care of Headlines: According to statistics, almost 80% of viral content is because of flashy headlines. Your content has to be creative, yes. But headlines will get you your blog traffic.

  • Make sure you write more: Try and provide every detail on the topic that you’re writing. The more you write the more it’ll get your users hooked. Don’t write on irrelevant things and always keep your content interactive to the public.

Use Buzzsomo


Buzzsomo is a great way to check how your keywords are performing on Social Media. There’s no hiding the fact that Social Media is the ultimate way to gain traffic. This is another great way to determine what keywords are performing well on social media and what aren’t. In addition, you’ll get a report on all the back links you’re getting through Facebook and Twitter. The better your back links are the better your PR will be. The better your PR will be the more you’ll be able to generate traffic.

Ubersuggest is the Key


Ubersuggest is perhaps the easiest way to get the right keyword for your desired blog. Ubersuggest scans the locality or state or even country that you are targeting to get the best keyword to write on. Ubersuggest gets the top keywords according to traffic to get you proper amount of revenue.

If you keep working on these strategies you can even reach the point where you get around 200% of the traffic you’re already getting make sure you stick around to see more of our posts, you won’t really be disappointed.

Article by: Idrees Khan is a newbie in the world of blogging. He manages his blog named earn money with google Adsense from his bed room. 

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