Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro Launched with 64bit Octa-Core Processor

Lenovo an esteemed Chinese multinational computer technology firm has a splendid new product on offer called Vibe X2 Pro. It is a trendy slender mobile phone that bears a stunning display in front, the nature of design is professional and multi-hued, well suited for the young and effervescent demographic. 


Lenovo Vibe X2 pro is an exclusive product, and is just an evolution of Vibe X2, and reports claim that X2 Pro is fun and perfect to engage in enjoyable selfie moments. It is one of those devices that will drive the public insane, and the usage experience is known to be just pleasurable to the core. With just a glance it is awe-inspiring at first sight and let’s explore the desirable and powerful traits of the phone.

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Technical Specifications of Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro

If you are just curious to know what does Lenovo Vive X2 Pro packs under the hood and out-of-the-box, then here are some quick technical specifications of Hardware and design. 


Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro sports a classy rectangular design and the level of attraction is on par with other glossy high-end phones. The exterior framework appears sturdy, the phone is however tailored to offer intense level of lightness, and it is a light weighted phone, which means the handling is smooth. Browse through the sides and the viewing experience is magical, there are three color segments stacked on to the side, and it is extremely pleasing to the eye. The color co-ordination used is metallic blue, white, red and black. 

By just looking at the attractiveness of the phone, anybody would want to hold it, and the feedback is positive, and users have coined a couple of interesting phrases to describe the phone and have termed it to be ‘lively looking’ and fun. It is only in rare circumstances that a contemporary looking phone is amazingly fun to handle. The front view of the phone displayed on the web looking amazing, layers of soft and loud colors are thrown around and the vibrancy effect is mind blowing. The rear view is immensely polished and sparkles to the brim, and completes the overall aesthetic nature of the device. 


Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro surely has one of the best designs in the market, in tune with the desirable design is the phenomenal display. It is equipped with an immensely colorful 5.3 inch IPS FHD display screen. The color output is crisp and admirable and it is so pronounced that it could be misread for an AMOLED screen. It is awe-inspiring and attention grabbing at first sight and the viewing experience is known to be out of this world. The potency of display is extraordinary, for those who yearn to plunge into amazing business and recreation moments.


The usage experience of Vibe X2 Pro is convenient and it runs on the latest and advanced Vibe 2.0 user interface. It has a personalized lock screen, visible transparent icons and a range of apps. The structure of interface is new and operates on an innovative Android 4.4 KitKat. The flow of apps and versatility is impressive with minimal room for lags, and is simply a delight to use.


The sophisticated and elegantly sensational device is powered with a revolutionary octa-core 1.5GHz 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor with memory power of 2GB RAM. It is superbly efficient, the downloading interval and flow of apps is smooth. Owners can spend hours on end with Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro, performing basic activities like browsing the internet as well glance through clear crisp multi-hued videos. There is more than sufficient room to store an overload of apps, the 32GB interior storage is just too good to be true, and according to feedback from sources there is room for more and additional storage can be stuffed into the phone via the aid of microSD card slot.


To indulge in life remembering capturing moments with a group of family and friends or special occasions, there is not better phone than Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro. It is fitted with 13-megapixel rear and front camera, and it is also ideal to engage in endless selfie moments. For those who desire to maintain a memory book, Vibe X2 Pro is just perfect and the images will last for a life time.

The camera selling point of Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro lies majorly on selfie technology, the company has engineered the phone with Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash. It is a flash layered in the form of a ring and is blends into the headphone jack segment of the devise. The Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash has eight diffused LEDs, and the principle behind the operation is it emits light of neutral frequency, captured from the front and rear camera.

The camera technology of Vibe X2 Pro enables it to have an edge over its competition, its 32GB interior storage makes it a hazardous threat to HTC Desire eye. The aggressively competitive selling feature is the fitment of 13-megapixel front and rear camera, a rare combination. The 8 diffused light LEDs diffused into Lenovo Vibe Xtension selfie flash is super powerful, to an unbelievable extent, in a jiffy it has the ability to shoot 100 pictures and it all happens through its own rechargeable battery.


The battery power of Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro is amazingly robust, and functions on an efficient 2.4 mAh battery. Consumers can spend a relaxed day with their phones and speak on the other end for hours worrying little about battery drainage. It measures 146.3x71.0x6.95mm, and weights 140g. The phone offers extensive radio connectivity with LTE Cat.4 and also a highly activated Wi-Fi support.

The marvellously livid colours electric blue, rock pink and champagne gold make Vibe X2 Pro the most wanted in the market.


Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro is a fashionable phone with a dazzling and bright appearance, and the uniqueness lies in the multi-coloured sides. It is a world class product overall, it’s got eye-catching display, neat built, state-of-the art interface and processor and exemplary and break-through camera technology.

Lenovo phone enthusiasts who are keen on Vibe X2 Pro is class-apart product that will give you the best ownership experience that will stretch over the desired limit.

The Price is not specified yet.

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Author: The author is an expert in mobile technology and loves to write about different handsets launched. He has listed the specifications Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro for the readers to make an informed buying decision.


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