How to Check Indian Railways PNR Status Online : Fast & Easy

PNR Status or Passenger Name Record Status is a database record of a Computer Reservation System that contains the details of passengers travelling by airline or railway. When passengers book railway or airline tickets, the travel agent or service will create a PNR in CRS and will provide you a number, which you can use to check the status of your booking. When we book Indian Railway tickets, we get a 10-digit PNR number which can be used to check the status of your reservation, whether your seat is confirmed or not. Every year millions of people use Indian railway from travelling from one place to another, most of the time, the travelling plan is made at last moment and the traveler is worried whether his seat has been confirmed or is still in waiting list. At such situations, you can use your PNR number to check the status of your reservation. In fact, Check PNR Status is one of the most searched keywords in India.
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There are many ways to check the PNR status online, today I'm going to share a way of doing so. Below is a quick tutorial guide with an alternative way, explaining How you can check PNR status online without much hassle.

How to Check PNR Status Online!

Checking PNR status online is not a big deal, a google search will list hundred different websites which can be used for checking status online. In this post I'll be using such a website for tutorial purpose, you can opt for different website if you want but with this article I'm targeting people who don't know much about the internet and are confused, not knowing which website to choose. I'm here to clear the confusion.

Follow the step-by-step guide.

Step 2: Enter your 10-digit PNR Number

Step 3: Fill the Captcha box and click on 'Get Status'

This will display the PNR status on your computer screen. Below is an alternative way for checking PNR Status online.

Alternative Way of Checking PNR Status

There is another similar website which is simple to use and access. The website has a simple design with just a box where you have to enter your PNR number and click on check status button to reveal the data. You can visit

Along with PNR Status data, also provides travel tips, option to send the status to your Email as Calender invite, Railway news and other important data. A must visit for frequent Indian Railway Travelers, the status is easier and faster to access and even if the original IRCTC site is down due to heavy traffic, this service tends to work without much issues.

So I hope this guide was helpful, do let me know in comments below. Also if you know some more websites or services which provides best travel experience, tips and PNR Status data then let me know, I'll try to add it to the list. Till then, stay safe and keep reading Area 51 Blog, your daily dose of technology and tips.


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