5 Apps That Will Help in Lowering Your Electricity Bill

There's an app for everything, right? Yes, even energy use is a popular download for today's savvy consumers. Between social media and checking the weather, you can also find out where all those kilowatts are being used. There are always good and bad apps out there, but these five programs really make energy use understandable and easy to integrate into everyday life.
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Apps That Will Help Lower Your Electricity Bill

1. Light Bulb Finder

Everything you wanted to know about light bulbs is in this app. The Light Bulb Finder gives you a chance to find local stores with the perfect bulbs in stock. Search by color or environmental impact, for example. It's also a reference tool to point out the top energy-saving bulbs available today. There's no need to save those incandescent bulbs. LED and other technologies will keep the home shining bright.

2. Ecobee's Thermostat Control

That benign thermostat on the wall isn't passive anymore. If you purchased an Ecobee thermostat, download their app.Ecobee's Thermostat Control gives you the power to alter energy use even when you're stuck at work. Turn the temperature up or down, depending on the time of year. You'll never worry about the HVAC system running all day with a remote control hidden in your smartphone or tablet.

3. My CO2 Calculator 

If you're a truly green personality, concerns over carbon footprints are a daily worry. Understand your contribution to worldwide emissions by downloading My CO2 Calculator. This app gives you a chance to plug in your daily carbon habits. If you biked to work, for instance, your emissions were negligible. You also saved energy and a large gas bill by not hopping in the car. Driving to work in rush hour traffic, however, shows your footprint as a large one. When you understand your impact on the environment, cleaner habits arise with energy savings as a beneficial side effect.

4. Energy Cost Calculator 

When you're concerned about the hard numbers in your household energy bill, download the Energy Cost Calculator. This seriously detailed app tells you cost by day, week, month or year. Plug in your refrigerator's information to see its impact on the home, for example. It tells you kilowatts and average energy costs for your area. The reality of energy use could prompt you to conserve more each day.

5. iGo Vampire Power Calculator 

The popular term "vampire" is used a lot with electronics in the household. Add iGo Vampire Power Calculator to your device to find those hidden monsters in the home. You literally tell the app about all your gadgets and it calculates the electrical waste involved. You'll pull those cellphone chargers from the wall almost immediately. Even those cable boxes draw a lot of power so be aware of consumption with this app.

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Start downloading these goodies to see which one works for your needs. You may not like all of them so just pick and choose the ones you want to use on a daily basis. Take a look at your energy bill next month to see the impact any changes make on your budget. You'll help the environment and your wallet simultaneously.

Article by: Tim Smith is a former contractor who writes about home improvement and energy efficiency topics. For more such tips, visit Modernize.

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