Sometimes Saying Truth is the Right Thing to do : Short Story

Okay guys, so here I am sharing a small story with you today. I got this idea while browsing IndiBlogger, the topic Kinley Mineral water campaign suggested was 'How sometimes saying Truth comes out to be the right thing' - as soon as I read the title, a memory came to my mind from a few years back and that's when I decided to write a short post on it. I know that this is a Tech blog and posts like these are not relevant for my readers, don't worry I planning to start a new personal blog, where I will be sharing such posts and other stuff. Till then forgive me.


What is the Story About?

This story is of the time when I turned 18 (3 years back) and one morning I sneaked out with my dad's motorcycle, on a ride, knowing that I don't possess any driving license or bike papers. And Unfortunately! I got caught by cops and called my father for my rescue. So if you find it interesting, go take a read.

Once Upon a Time

Three years back when I turned 18, I asked my father to teach me How to ride a motor cycle. One morning my father took me out, we went to a street in neighborhood, which used to be almost empty during early morning. Only a few people used to take that street, otherwise it was empty. That's where I learned How to ride motorcycle, It took me an hour to get used to to gear / clutch / acceleration system. I started riding motorcycle for the first time, on my own. This was an amazing feeling and I was enjoying every bit of it. I liked it so much that It ended me wanting more & more.

My father told me to apply learner's driving licence, so he could teach me riding on the road. But since my exams were about to show up, I didn't have much time for applying learners license. I used to study whole night, preparing for exams and at early morning, I used to sneak out and take dad's motorcycle for a ride. In a couple of days, I got very good at riding motorcycle and started sneaking out every day. Now I started staying up at nights, only in order to sneak out with the bike, studying was just a mere reason now. 

One morning, after my studying session, I took the bike keys and left, unaware that this is the day when I will get in trouble. I remember the saying from Paulo Coelho's book 'The Alchemist' - 'When you want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to get it' but in my case the opposite happened, what I never wanted, the whole universe conspired to give me that shit and it all started with, me forgetting the bike papers at home. Also that day, before I could leave, I bumped into my father, who was up early that day. He asked me where I was heading and I lied that I'm going out for a walk, I needed some fresh air.

While riding, I decided to hit the road and ride all-around by my area. That was a wrong decision, while on road, I spotted a Police Van parked in a corner of a plaza. I took it easy and with confidence I passed by them. Once I was away, I decided to go home as I didn't wanted any more trouble. So here I was, a street away from my society, but before I could enter the street, two cops on a bike passed by staring at me. Before I could realize what's going on, they stopped me. Game Over!

"Can I see your license?" Police constable asked me.

I knew that the Game was over, so instead of dragging it, I took it easy.

"I don't have it?" I replied

"Where do you live? Can I see the papers of bike?"

I told them where I lived but as I tried to show them bike papers, I realized they weren't there, where they supposed to be. 

I won't lay down the whole conversation which happened between me and the police. But here is what's important. Since I didn't had any driving license, not even a learners license and I was also not having the bike papers (I left them home) - The police constable told me to call home and ask them to get the papers. That morning my father was the only one at home and I had to call him.

I never lied to my parents on big issues like this, I did the same thing that day. I explained my father the situation with every true detail. I was surprised to see that my father wasn't angry at me, he told me to hang on and that he will be there in five minutes. And he came. 

On reaching there, my father handled the situation. He told me to go home and I did what he told. I don't know what happened next as I left the spot. My father returned home after a couple of minutes with the bike, as he came upstairs, he acted normal and asked me why I didn't tell him that I was taking the bike, he wasn't angry at all and since that day, we never talked about that incident.

That was the situation when Truth was the right thing to do, I could've paid fine to the police or lied to my father, omitting details etc. but I didn't do any of those, still he never asked any questions. That's my story, I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, watch this small video which is based on similar situation.


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