Top 5 Email Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business

Emails are the primary marketing engine for most businesses today for a few reasons, to list few; Most people read emails regularly, Emails make it easy for customers to click on links to products they want to buy without having to search for that particular product and Emails make it easier to measure the success of your email marketing strategy. If you really want to boost your business to the next level then you must try Email marketing for that purpose. In this article, we've listed five amazing tools which will help you get better with Email marketing.

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What bulk email software does?

In simple words, it helps you in sending thousands or even millions of emails to customers every day. Without such softwares, sending thousands of emails might seem like a chore. However mass emailing software applications:

  • Make it easier for you to create and maintain email lists
  • Let you track user response more easily
  • Keep your contact data secure and accurate by avoiding corruption

Now that you know why mass email applications are so popular with companies, here are some of the most useful ones (in no particular order)

Big Mass Mailer


The name itself tells you most of what you need to know about this software. It will help you send emails to thousands of customers like clockwork without ever complaining. Some of its best features are:

  • It has a clean and simple interface that everybody can understand
  • Importing your emailing list is quicker than other applications
  • It allows you to specify and verify server credentials very easily



If you are on a large scale email marketing campaign, e-campaign is the best tool for the job for many companies because:

  • It helps you create a whole campaign, and not just emails
  • It can monitor replies for you so you can gauge response
  • It generates very detailed reports about your marketing campaign
  • It allows you to send emails in HTML or plain text. 
  • You get advanced tracking capabilities

All this would be great value for a paid mass emailing software, but e-campaign is free of charge, which makes it an incredible value. If you are a small business and want to set up a high quality email marketing campaign in a short time, e-campaign will help you get there better than any other application.



This is another great tool for sending bulk email messages without breaking a sweat. What makes it a great tool for mass emails is that:

  • It has all the basic features that you can expect from an advanced tool
  • It can use both an internal database and an external one to send emails
  • You can modify message for specific senders in your database for more personalized emails much more easily

While these features are available in full with the free edition of GroupMail, you can get even better tools like a scheduler with the paid version. Scheduling lets you prepare emails in advance and send them to your customers at designated times without having to attend to it.

Send Blaster


Small businesses often feel that they cannot compete with larger, more established companies in their niche because they have bigger marketing budgets. However, Send Blaster lets you create high quality email campaigns on par with much more expensive ones created by big companies. It has built in free templates so you can find a great email design without spending a lot.

  • A built in HTML editor, to create beautiful HTML emails
  • The ability to use an external editor to save emails
  • An email analyser that gives you vital statistics
  • The ability to integrate with Google Analytics for even better monitoring

These are all features that the most successful companies use to market their products with great success. With Send Blaster, you have all these available at your disposal for free.



This as comprehensive as email marketing software can get. It has basic as well as advanced features that compete with the most expensive bulk email applications in the market.

  • It has complete WSYWIG HTML editor so you can compose emails on the fly
  • Multi thread email delivery
  • Ability to embed images and other attachments easily to thousands of emails
  • It will check for duplicate email id’s in your database every time before sending, so you don’t send multiple emails to the same customer

Bulk email has become more of a necessity than a luxury for businesses today. However, even if you are a start-up with limited funds, you will not be limited in your marketing department for lack of tools. With the above emailing application for bulk sending, you have a level playing field with the big companies that you compete with.

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