Don't Teach What You Don't Preach!

The topic I'm going to write about today is very personal & complicated I must say, but it is very important that we discuss this topic with the youth of this country. The decision of Pre-martial sex is purely up to the people who get involved in this activity, and we are no one to judge anybody but we can't  shrug off the society & our surroundings, knowing that we have to live within them but that's not the point, the point is whether Pre-martial sex is Right or Wrong? Well, as I said the decision depends on the people who want to get involved in this but if you are asking my opinion on this topic, here is what i think.

Double Standards of Indian Youth

I remember reading an article on a major Indian website, the website people conducted a survey and found that more than 63% youngsters want to marry virgins but a majority of them approve of pre-martial sex. It sounds funny, isn't it. Majority of Indians approve pre-martial sex but when it comes to marriage; they want their partner to be virgin. This again reminds me of a popular saying in English but of course the opposite version, Indian Youth don't want to practice what they preach. Further on this survey, more than 61% people believe that pre-martial sex is no more a taboo in India but still when it comes to marriage, 63% say they want a virgin partner. In my opinion, pre-martial sex is a serious matter and if you practice these double standards, please think twice before you take any step further.

No Matter What, Blame the Girls...

In almost all cases of Pre-martial sex, girls are the one who suffer the most, even though it is not entirely their fault. Pre-martial sex is not one persons decision, this requires agreement of both boy & girl, so if pre-martial sex is a mistake, both the parties are to be blamed, not only the female. According to Indian mentality, boys have the right to live their life the way they want and even if they are wrong, people will just say 'baccha hai ye, hogayi galati' but when it comes to girls, people think that they aren't capable of showing their face to society and that their girl brought disgrace to the families name. I'm not saying that the girl is right or the boy is wrong, they both are faulty in this case and most importantly, they both are EQUALLY at fault. Both should be blamed, not only the girl. 

We Can't Judge Anyone.

If two persons agree to pre-martial sex, we are no one to judge them. To hell with the society, we are no one to judge their character etc. It is their life, their personal decision and we are nobody to poke our nose into it, And sex before marriage is not a SIN, it's an expression of love. If you term it as a sin, hurry, you need to see a doctor immediately.

My Opinion on this

In my opinion, 'No' to pre-martial sex. I would like to say that 'Don't teach, What you don't preach' In short, if you have double standards or if you cannot take up the responsibility, just wait until you get married.

Pre-martial sex may seem adventurous but you may have to go through many obstacles, especially for girls, they may go through mental & physical stress, pregnancy, sexual disease, abortion etc. while the boy may simply move out of his responsibility unharmed. The society will give you a bad name, even though you don't care, remember you still have to stay with them, like it or not, the mentality is going to remain the same. You might face problems getting marriage proposals from your community etc. So In my opinion think twice before taking this step, your one step can ruin your life. Also I think when you are young, you are not mature enough or stable enough to take this responsibility.

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