Charging Smartphone Overnight using Mi Power Bank : Personal Experience

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you'll be knowing about my Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400 mAh Review which I posted a few weeks ago. In that review I talked about the Initial impressions, unboxing and personal usage experience after 3 cycles of charge and discharge. Now it has been a month since I'm using Mi Power Bank and today I'm here to talk about my personal experience after a month usage.

Mi Power Bank

Since the day I received Mi Power Bank 10400 from Flipkart, I'm using this device to charge my Xiaomi Mi3, Redmi 1S, Apple iPhone 4S and some other devices. I've stopped using original chargers and instead I use Mi Power Bank for charging. The reason for this is that I'm very careless and many times I forget unplugging the charger after the device is fully charged, I've heard that this damages the Li-On batteries and their capacity to hold charge decreases, well I don't believe in that but to save myself from the risk, I started using the Mi Power Bank as my regular mobile charger. 

How many devices can Mi Power Bank charge?

As I stated earlier in my review post, the 10400 mAh capacity Mi Power Bank charges Xiaomi Mi3 approximately 2.5 times, Apple iPhone 4 approximately 5 times, Apple iPhone 5S approximately 4 times, Samsung Galaxy S3 around 3 to 3.5 times, Samsung Galaxy S5 around 3 times, Apple iPad around 1.5 times, Xiaomi Redmi 1S approximately 3.5 to 4 times and so on. For me the rule of the thumb is around 8000 mAh - It do claims to be of 10400 mAh but that doesn't means that you get full power. A lot of power is used for conversion and in form of heat, but still in the end you can charge a good number of devices.
Note: The 10400 mAh Power Bank takes around 5.5 hours to charge 100 percent If you use a 2A charger for charging and takes 10 hours if you use a 1A charger.

Mi Power Bank 5200 mAh

I haven't used the 5200 mAh variant of Mi Power Bank but according to the company, it can charge Xiaomi Mi3 one time, Apple iPhone 5S two times etc. It takes 3 hours to charge 100 percent when using 2A charger and upto 6 hours when using 1A charger.

Charging Mi Power Bank Overnight? Is it Safe?

This is what many people ask me. Of course it is safe to charge Mi Power Bank overnight, since the company does not provide a charger with Mi Power Bank, you'll have to either buy it separately or use any microUSB charger. The Power Bank uses high quality circuit, designed by Texas Instruments. The batteries and technology used in Power Bank is designed by LG and Samsung.

When using 1A Charger.

Most of the smartphones come with 1A charger and since the Mi Power Bank take around 10 hours to charge 100 percent using 1A charger, your Power Bank will be ready by the time you wake up or leave for work. 

When using 2A Charger.

If you own Xiaomi phones then you must be having a 2A charger. When you use 2A charger for charging Mi Power Bank, it takes around 5.5 to 6 hours for charging 100 percent. Not to worry, even if your device charges fully in the middle of the night, the Power Bank will automatically stop taking charge from power source, It won't harm the batteries.

Charging Phone Overnight using Mi Power Bank

Not a problem. With Mi Power Bank, you can charge your smartphone overnight without harming your phone battery. I tested this and found that the Mi Power Bank automatically shuts off when the phone battery is 100 percent charged. This is really great, your phone does not get over-charged and batteries remain healthy. I've tested this several times and every time I found my phone 100 percent charged and Power Bank off, when I woke up.

If you are worried about overnight charging then I will say go for it, but only if you are doing it through Power Bank. You can also charge Power Bank and Phone simultaneously, to do that plug your power bank to power source and plug your phone to Power Bank. The Mi Power bank will start passing the charge to the device and once the phone is 100 percent charged, it will stop giving charge to the phone and start charging itself. 


So guys that's it, my motive behind writing this article was to confirm that Mi Power Bank really works well for charging phones overnight. I've personally tested that and here is my personal report. I hope this helps clearing your doubts and questions but if you still have any doubt, just leave a comment below and I will try to answer that at my earliest. Good Luck and Stay tuned.


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