6 Hard-to-Ignore Transformations iPhone gave the World

Giving us a more than reasonable cause for pause, the sleek and chrome iPhones wear their influence on their sleeves. It won't amount to an overstatement if we quip that iPhone has transformed the way we communicate, and more or less, the transformation has been for good.
Apple iPhone 6

And as they keep on reinventing themselves, we the buyers are more than glad to keep up and lap up everything that is swung at us. But iPhones go beyond as a communication tool. When we talk of how they have transformed the world, we mean in a dozen other ways. Without beating around the bush, let us look at some of the most decisive changes iPhone has brought:

What Transformations iPhone gave the World?

Touch Screen : The Buttons Went off the Grid

The traditional cell phones has those tangible buttons that were prone to getting damaged, much too often. And once they did, it was quite an expense to replace the keypad (ah, that name does bring a rush of nostalgia). And then, the iPhones came, and blatantly ditched the keypad for touchpad. These touch keyboards are much sleeker and beautiful to look at, not to mention the ease with which they help us type (barring a few spell errors we keep on making when the display is not that large).

Multi-Touch Capacitive Display : We Never Needed Stylus in the First Place

There are hordes of places on earth where the phones with stylus became a rage, and understandably so. While they only went on to augment the effort, it indeed was something new for the cell phone users – the tapping sound was far from annoying. But Apple decided that fingers are still most suited for using the phone and it gave us a touchpad that recognizes the touch of our finger.

Apps : Breathlessly Exciting, Inventive and Ever-So-Growing-in-Number Apps

Talking of 'the rage', what's more popular among the users of the Smartphone landscape than the overwhelmingly hi-tech apps. Apps have taken the Smartphone world by storm and Apple is again the sole proprietor of this trend that will continue to be in range for times and times to come. There are apps for just about everything. Not only you can perform the standard tasks like sending emails or checking weather, there are gaming apps being developed everyday, you have apps for downloading music, for booking movie tickets or train tickets, apps for staying in touch with your pals through chatting that works even more interactively than SMS and comes free of cost, you have apps for shopping from a huge suite of stores, and so on.

Mobile Data : On the Web, Round the Clock

The days of GSM and CDMA Internet connection that cost you few bucks every day are over. Apple has mobile data for you. While the jury is still out on whether it is such a great thing or is it only contributing to the “technology is making us slaves” fear, for the web enthusiasts, nothing is more pleasing than being able to download the latest video in town, or stay connected on WhatsApp all day long, or for that matter, being able to work on web-based official assignments from a coffee shop. 

Chatting : One Unailing Reason to Stay Awake

Long gone is the age when spending sleepless nights meant either insomnia, or being urgently involved in an activity like catching a movie, a soccer match, working on an assignment, or for that matter, chat-chatting with a close friend over the phone. Today, we simply have an individual staring hard and long into his/her Smartphone for hours, tinkering around with one of the infinite number of apps.

More Apps : Time is Either Wasted in Abundance, or Saved Smartly

While there is a literature dedicated to how Smartphones can go on to waste tons of time when we simply refuse to budge while playing games or chatting over the messengers, one can't discount the fact that there are way too many number of apps that help us achieve exactly the opposite. Apart from the entertainment apps, iPhones also swing at us a myriad of time saving apps that have been developed intuitively and are extremely user friendly.

iPhone, as iterated, will continue to reinvent itself with alarming speed and efficiency. Be rest assured, every once in a while a change will be made of far-reaching consequence (for good or for bad? the jury indeed is still out)

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