Sennheiser CX 275s In-Ear Headphone with Microphone : Review

If you are in search of good quality pair of earphones which gives great music experience then you might like to try the Sennheiser CX 275s In-Ear headphones. Sennheiser is one of the most popular and trusted brands when it comes to music accessories, though they may not look as cool as the Skullcandy or Beats by Dr.Dre earbuds but in terms of music quality, they are far superior. Today I'm going to review the Sennheiser CX 275s In-Ear headphones, I will cover the unboxing, music experience, build quality, price and will also list some alternatives at the end. Here is my review.

Sennheiser Cx275s

I bought Sennheiser CX 275s earphones when suddenly my Skullcandy Ink'd 2 earphones died, I really liked the Ink'd 2 and initially I decided to buy a new pair of Ink'd 2 earphones. After giving in some thought, I decided to invest in something superior and with better quality, I had heard a lot about Sennheiser earphones, but never tried them, so this time I decided to go for some other brand earphones instead of buying Skullcandy again. I made a list of best earphones and started reading reviews online. After hours of research I made my decision and bought the Sennheiser CX 275s.

Sennheiser CX 275s : Unboxing and First Impressions

The box in which CX 275s came was quite attractive and strong, it was made of transparent plastic and the earbuds were visible through it. Inside the box we had the Sennheiser CX 275s In-Ear headphones, 2 different sized ear-tips, carry pouch, booklets and instruction manuals and a 3.5mm angled adapter. The earphones were beautifully packed and the accessories which came with it were of good quality.

The carrying pouch provided in the packing was of good quality and I really liked that Sennheiser provided a case, most of the other brands does not provide it for earphones coming in this price range. Thumbs Up Sennheiser.

Build Quality and Design

At first look the earphones were small and very light weighted, the ear-tips which were installed on it were of normal size but people who have large ears can opt for larger size provided in box. I really liked the design of the earphones, it had a crescent liked shape and on one side it had a pattern which looked like bass vents but later I found that it is just design and doesn't help in the sound, in any way. 

The microphone is provided on the left cable and has a button which is used for picking up and ending calls, the button can also be used for pausing music, skipping to next track and skipping to previous track depending on the number of time you press it. 

1 Press of button = Play / Pause
2 Press of button = Next Track
3 Press of button = Previous Track

*The Next track and Previous track might not work on some phones but I'm sure the Play/Pause will work well on most of the devices. I was a bit disappointed for not seeing Volume up/down button, but for such a price, we just can't complain. 

The cable was fairly built and had a rubberized coating on it, usually I prefer flat cables over rounded ones, since they don't tangle but with Cx275s you get thin rounded cable and it does get tangled and form bends almost all the time. The length of the cable was about 1.2 meters which roughly is equal to 4 feet and at the end of it you'll find a straight 3.5mm jack.

The L and R labels are very small and you may find it difficult to figure out but you can always use the microphone as the indicator, since mic is located on left cable, you can use it as L and other side as R.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of Sennheiser Cx275s is truly amazing and I really enjoyed my listening sessions on these earphones. The Bass on Cx275s is really great and heavy, all those metal-rock listeners will really enjoy the Bass. The mids and highs on the Cx275s were decent, overall I loved the sound. 

The earphones are very loud and if you like listening to high volumes, the Cx275s will really blow your mind. These earphones are perfect for people who listen to EDM, Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop etc. but people who are too much into classical music or vocals may find these earphones unsatisfying, the reason being slight distortion and nuanced lows. Overall the Sennheiser Cx275s has very detailed and boomy sound, perfect for bass-lovers.

The microphone quality is great, the person on the other end can clearly listen to my voice. When using the microphone for sound recording, I do not get too much buzzing sound in background.

Overall the earphone were great at noise cancelling, I could barely hear anything while listening to the music. I tested them in quite environment and in busy places like Train Station and markets. In quite areas the noise cancellation was terrific but at busy places I was able to hear some of the sound from outside, I would suggest trying on all the ear-tips and seeing which one works the best for you.

Technical Specifications

Here are the technical specifications for Sennheiser Cx275s:

Frequency Response : 17 Hz - 23000 Hz
Impedance : 16 Ohm
Sensitivity : 121 dB/mW (Power On)
Headphone Type : Canal Phone In-Ear headphones

Weight : 15 grams
Controls : In-line Mic and Remote
Headphone Jack : 3.5 mm Jack
Cord Type: 1.2 meter Symmetric

Mic Sensitivity : -44 dB/mW (Power On)
Mic Type : Omni directional Mic
Mic Frequency Response : 100 - 10000 Hz


Another great thing about these earphones is that they come with 2 Years International warranty, in case of any defects or sudden death of earphones, you can get a free replacement, makes sure you have the purchase invoice with you to avail warranty. The Warranty does not include accessories and physical breakdown.

Final Thoughts and Rating

Overall I really liked these earphones, they are perfectly meant for me and are just like I ever wanted. The Bass is awesome and listening metal-rock on these earphones takes you to paradise. The mids and highs are decent but could have been better, the build quality is decent and looks quite durable. The earphones are pretty light weight and you don't feel wearing them while listening to music. The eartips are comfortable and good for long hours of listening. 

I'm using these earphones for three months now and they are still in good shape, considering that I use them roughly, they are pretty durable and strong. After the burn in time, the sound became more soft and clear, I heard a noticeable change in the sound. I would definitely recommend these earphones to people who really mean music and not some fashion accessory. The Sennheiser Cx275s is really meant for music, nothing else.

I would rate them 4 out of 5

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