QuackQuack.in – Mobile Dating App Review

Are you online for some serious dating like I am? I found the best place to meet singles. I recently shifted to Mumbai. Everything was perfect but I just hated being single. I was checking Google Apps store and it came up with QuackQuack. They had a really neat and convincing description. The app also looked very friendly. So, I decided to try out the QuackQuack Android appNow, after a month in QuackQuack, I am a frequent late-nighter at the app. I already upgraded my membership. The subscription was very easy. I just love the way the app is helpful. In an honest review, I can surely say no one can miss the temptation of the app right from the first sight. It is FREE to register, and is growing very fast, for good reasons.

Great Features

The app already has 4.5 lakh registered users. This means, you can find willing singles almost about anywhere in India! The best part about the app is that it is highly helpful. I mean, you do not even have to search much for like-minded people. As soon as you complete your profile, the cool matchmaking app suggests similar profiles in your location. It is that easy here! Do you find dating conversations challenging? If you cannot find the perfect one-liner to approach a girl, use the ‘waves’. These are ready text messages that you can send by a click. You can ‘like’ profiles of others, and see who likes you.

Setting Up a Good Profile

All you need to have is a good profile. Just be truthful and write a good description of who you are, what is your profession, and why do you want to meet other singles. Do remember, their system also suggests your profile to other members. So, a lot of activity can happen overnight if you have a nice profile. Their photo privacy option is also perfect to let others enter into your private world. I am sure, just about anyone would love this cool new dating app. Girls would especially love the screened content and genuine profiles. Their site moderators seem to have very good experience in keeping the unsafe crowd away from the site. The online dating site has a good reporting system and all that necessary for a safe relationship. 

It worked very well for me. I can personally vouch that the app helped me find an amazing friend in Mumbai. We have started hanging out offline nowadays. Life cannot be any happier than this! You can also try the app to flirt, date, or just chat up with others. Just remember to be truthful, and know how to have good conversations. One tip: do not be depressing! Upload a nice profile picture, and tell as much as you can about yourself. Open up and happiness is yours.

So if you are into online dating then this app can really prove wonders for you in finding your perfect partner, you can easily install it on your smartphone and start searching your partner right away. I hope this review was interesting, please go ahead and share it with your friends and other people who you think really need a boyfriend/girlfriend. See ya!

About Author: This Article was written by InternetRomeo, he is a blogger and a self proclaimed Love Guru, he writes on a unique combination of Romance and Tech.

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