NewsHunt Review : Read Indian Newspapers, Publications on Your Mobile

As the world is moving, people are getting busier and busier with each passing day, they don't have time for some important things like reading newspapers, watching news channels etc. They are so busy that they often skip meals, let alone the newspaper, so how to get the daily dose of news? There are many ways which you can opt like using mobile apps, yous phone is with you all the time and using mobile apps you can easily stay up to date with current affairs and breaking news. The best thing about using mobile app is that you can read news anytime, you can easily go through headlines and only read the content which interests you. Today I'm gonna talk about such an app which will make your life easier. 


What is NewsHunt?

NewsHunt is a new website which I came across recently, the thing which stuck my mind was that this mobile site / app contained more than 100 publications from Top News providers from India like AAJ TAK, India Today, The Indian Express and much more. Not only that, you can read different newspapers and publications in over 12 different Indian languages, that's really good as many people prefer reading Hindi newspapers or other regional language publications, this mobile site / app can do wonders for them, simply log on and read what you like, anywhere, anytime.

What Other Publications are available?

NewsHunt contains Indian newspapers, publications and books from more than 100 news providers, to name a few;

  • English Publications: The New Indian Express, The Indian Express, Deccan Herald, Business Standard, Business Line, Greater Kashmir, OneIndia, Kashmir Times, The Statesman, India Today, Business Today, Money Today, TECHGIG, Desh Gujarat, AOL Coolage, Malayala Manorama  and much more.

  • Hindi Publications: BBC Hindi, Aaj Tak, Patrika, OneIndia Hindi, Raj Express etc.

Not only that, at NewsHunt you get different newspapers and publications from languages like Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Bangala, Gujrati, Malayalam newspapers, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya etc.

I think these languages are enough to satisfy most of the Indian readers but NewsHunt is not limited to India, they also have publications and newspapers for African people and Bangladesh people.

How to Get NewsHunt on Mobile or Tablet?

If you've read the above piece of article then you must be getting the urge of downloading this amazing news app on your mobile or tablet. Don't worry, I'll explain you the difficult procedure of getting this app on to your device. Just kidding... Getting the NewsHunt on your device is super easy. You can either visit the mobile site or download app.

The mobile app is available for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry OS, Java and Symbian users, to download the app visit NewsHunt website.


So this was my short review on NewsHunt mobile site and mobile app, I'm really loving this app and I'm quite regular, just wanted to share this great app with my readers. So go ahead and try NewsHunt and let me know what are your views, I will definitely recommend this app for people who like reading newspapers of regional languages, However there are some things which I don't like about this app and that is lack of some top newspapers like DNA, Hindustan Times etc. I hope the company will soon expand their publications and include more top Indian newspapers to their database. Till then you can use this app for reading other newspapers and publications.

So this was it, I hope you enjoy this app and let me know in comments. I'll be back soon with another article, till then this is Jim, signing off.


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