9 Ways to Make Other Sites to Link to Your Site

You get two benefits from having people link to your website from their own. You can get a direct traffic benefit. This is where people click on the link and follow it through to your website. In this case, it doesn’t matter if the link is a do-follow or don’t-follow link. Or, you may get an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefit that helps you rise up through the search engine results pages. In this case it has to be a do-follow link, and you can still get direct traffic from it. So, how do we get other websites to link to ours?

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How to Get Other Sites to Link to Your Site? 

1. Just Ask them

It is easier if the web master or blog master is a friend of yours, but even so, there is always a chance that the owner of the other website may just say yes. For example, if you are campaigning against halal meat because it is cruel, then other people that have a soul and a conscience may link to you out of support. 

2. Offer Reciprocal Linking

It is harder to convince people to reciprocally link with you these days because it has had a lot of bad press. But, if you find a person that only reciprocally links upon rare occasions, then they may be willing to swap links with you.

3. Offer Guest Posting

This is a pretty standard procedure these days. The deal is that you write a high quality guest post and in return they link that article to your website. You should also be able to add the anchor text to the link, and it is common courtesy to allow you to add an author bio and claim that you were the author of the piece. Just be sure that you ask them if you may guest post first, and that you send them a piece of original work that is of a high quality.

4. You can link from Article websites

Article websites are another entity that has had a bad press, but if you are uploading articles to these sites and these sites are on the Google search engine results then they are safe. You are able to add your article in return for a link to your website. The link should be followed so it will add to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. 

5. Posting Comments with Links

If you are going to do this, then it is best to ask first. You may also want to ask them to remove any no-follow tags (if they have them) so that Google can index the link so your SEO will improve as a result. 

6. You can add a link to a Forum website

Again, this is one of those situations where you have to ask the forum master if you can add the link (so he or she doesn’t delete it), and again you want to be sure there is not a no-follow tag attached or it is pretty pointless  adding the link. 

7. You can get links from Directories

The paid directories may allow you to add a link, though they are usually tied with a no-follow tag. If you can find a paid directory without a no-follow tag then that is all the better. You may want to check the backlinks of your competition to see if they have found any. You can try having your link submitted to a non-paid directory. The web master may allow a link to your website to be added, but you have to be sure the directory is not employing any black-hat SEO. Directories where you do not have to pay operate in a gray area. We are told that lists of links are not a good thing, and yet a directory is just that.

8. Send out a message on Social Media

Simply explain that you are having trouble getting backlinks and ask if anybody would like to link to your website. You can explain what your website is all about and see if you get any responses.

9. Try question and answer websites

There are some question and answer websites that allow you to insert a link if you answer a question. If the person that asked the questions picks your answer, then your link becomes active. This is a bit of a gray area because the link may or may not be followed. Plus, one has to assume that they have protocols to stop people asking questions with one account and answering them with another just to get a link.

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