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Delhi is undoubtedly one of the most expensive cities of India. The Capital city of India has accentuated standard of living makes everything dearer including apartments and flats in Delhi for accommodation. Hence, opting for PG accommodation is one of the affordable option for the beginners in Delhi, which not only ensures an accommodation option but also the meals along with security. To check out the affordable PG options in Delhi in a decent society, explore the web based platform of Housing.com and get sorted in a while.


User – Intuitive interface

The user intuitive interface, just ease your experience with minimal loading time. The landing page welcomes you with the services offered followed by the city of your preference. One you hit the search button, you are redirected to the result page in no time with all the PG options across the city.

Dual View of Search Result

The search result page provides you with the view – i) usual list view and ii) topographical view for better understanding of the location. Clicking the PG options opens a pop – up window with the required details of the particular PG.

Verified Listings and the Photo Gallery

The pop – up display features photographs with the Verified tag. Housing.com has a very proactive in – house team who does all the required verification of all the property before uploading them for your reference. They are the ones, who click pictures of the room from different angles to provide you with the understanding of the interiors of different properties. With the interiors of the room, you also have an option to pick up accommodation on sharing or single basis as well as with the entitlements and facilities.


The social and lifestyle ratings also gives you an overview about the neighborhood and the locality. In a city like Delhi, it’s important to have an idea about the adjacent area of your PG accommodation. It’s a matter of safety and security. The ratings provides the lifestyle quotient as well as an insight about the society along with the information of nearest bank, petrol pump, ATMs and other required regular services choices.


Filters streamline your search as per your priority. The left hand top enables you to search your PG accommodation of rent and lifestyle ratings. The one on the top of the map view, provides you with more options including the amenities and facilities you desire to avail during your stays.

Map view provides you the exact location

Housing.com pioneered the concept of infusing the topographical positioning of the property to ensure that you also have an idea about the geographical position of your property. Everyone prefers to close to their work place or college, to save time on travelling and get some more personal space along with the connectivity to the city through different commutations options.

Housing.com has eased the PG hunting process with all these features. Previously, it’s like to be on the broker’s mercy, while now with Housing.com, you have the option to pick your suitable PG option and then get connected to the land – lords or the brokers who has listed the property and you get what you see and promised. Housing.com has also launched their android and iOS app to ensure the easy of home – shopping for everyone. Even they also have a 24*7 hotline number 03 – 333 – 333 – 333 to cater to non techie people.


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