How to Report Plagiarism and Spam to Google

report spam plagiarism to googleAre your blog articles getting stolen? A few days ago I found a blog copying some of my popular articles word-to-word with photos and links, I tried contacting they blog admin and asked him to take the page down but I didn't get any response. The only option that came to my mind was DMCA but then I wondered what resources people can use for reporting plagiarism without paying money, DMCA is an easy and accurate option but there are many bloggers who don't have money for DMCA, so what can they do? Today I will teach you a method of reporting plagiarism to Google. You can report plagiarism links to Google and they will remove the link/blog once they find out. 

I will keep this post short and to the point, below is a step by step guide which will help you in reporting plagiarism to Google. 

How to Report Plagiarism to Google

Note down the permalink (URL) to the post containing plagiarism, after that follow the steps given below.

google spam report

Step 2: You'll find a form with three sections, In the first section you'll have to enter the permalink (URL) to the blog containing plagiarism. In our case it will the blog which has copied your article, enter the exact URL of the copied article.

Step 3: In second box you'll have to enter the exact query that is copied, in case the blog has copied sentences, quotes or phrases then you can enter them here.

If the entire article was copied then just leave it blank, anyways it is optional. 

Step 4: Now in the third box you can describe the problem, do leave the link of your article in this box and briefly describe the problem to the Google team. 

Once you're done, fill the captcha and send the Spam report. 

Google team will look into the matter and settle it, it may take a few weeks before you hear from Google, keep checking your Inbox for any acknowledgement.

I'm confident that Google will surely help you and the page containing plagiarism will be removed from Search results and the offenders blog can be banned. 

If you want quick result then file a DMCA report and demand removal of the article, you can also try contacting the person responsible for plagiarism and ask to take down the article or page. I hope this info was helpful, please share it with friends and do leave a comment if it helped.

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