How to Fix Touch Screen Sensitivity on Xiaomi Mi3

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fix Touch Sensitivity on xiaomi mi3While testing my Xiaomi Mi3, sometimes I found the Touch screen to be over sensitive, it used to register even slight touch and this used to make issues. Sometimes it used to touch and open apps which I didn't wanted to use, while scrolling it used to open unwanted things and it started annoying me. I wanted to find the reason behind this as it was absolutely perfect a day before, I wanted to know why it became so sensitive over-night. It took me hardly a few minutes to figure out the problem and fix it. Now my Mi3 works flawlessly and the Touch screen is back to normal.

While fixing this issue, I realized that there are three reasons which make the Touch screen on Mi3 over-sensitive. Today I will be writing about these three issues and will also teach you How to fix them. I will be making this article short and to the point, as it is one of the articles from my Mi3 Tips N Tricks Series.

Fix Touch Screen Sensitivity on Xiaomi Mi3

As I specified that there are three reasons which are responsible for the high sensitive touch screen on Mi3, you'll have to find out yourself which reason is affecting your device. I suggest you to go through all the methods and see which one was affecting you. Once you find the culprit, you can fix it by following my steps which are given below all the methods.

1. Glove Mode

Xiaomi Mi3 comes with an inbuilt Glove mode which when turned on actually increases the touch screen sensitivity. This mode helps people operate Mi3 while wearing gloves. Since the capacitive touch display does not register touches made while wearing gloves, this mode increases the sensitivity of the display and gives a good user experience even with gloves on.

There is a chance that glove mode is making touch screen issues on your Mi3. Follow the steps given below to turn off Glove mode.

fix Touch Sensitivity on xiaomi mi3

Step 1: On your Mi3, go to Settings
Step 2: Now go to Display section
Step 3: In Touch section, turn off Glove mode

Now that the glove mode is off, try using your touch screen and see if there are any improvements. If your touch screen is still very sensitive then move to the next step.

2. Calibrate Display

Now that the Glove mode is off but your screen is still very sensitive, we will calibrate the display to fix this issue. Follow the steps given below to calibrate your touch sensor.

Step 1: On your Mi3, go to Dialer and Dial the number given below 
Step 2: This will open the Hardware Test menu of your device. Scroll down and find Touch Sensor menu.

fix Touch Sensitivity on xiaomi mi3

Step 3: In Touch Sensor, tap on menu button and then tap on Calibrate Touch Screen.

fix Touch Sensitivity on xiaomi mi3

Step 4: Now you'll see a button on your screen with label 'Start Calibration' Tap on it once and then keep your hands off screen.

fix Touch Sensitivity on xiaomi mi3

Wait for the success message to appear. Once you see success message, your touch screen is calibrated. 

fix Touch Sensitivity on xiaomi mi3

Now you can close the menu and use your device normally. See if your touch sensitivity improved.

3. Defective Touch Screen

If the above two methods didn't work for you and your touch screen is still very sensitive then I'm afraid your touch screen might be defective. In fact many Xiaomi Mi3's shipped by Flipkart are found to be defective, I will suggest you to lodge a return request on Flipkart and contact Flipkart support team. I'm sure they will pickup the defective device and send a replacement.

You can also visit the nearest Xiaomi Mi3 service center: List of All Xiaomi Service centers in India

I hope this article was helpful, please share this with people who are having problem with their touch screen on Xiaomi phones.

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