EaseUS MobiSaver : Free iPhone Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery is one of the most talked about topics on the Internet and in our daily life.  Most of us are worried just the thought of losing our valuable data, the reason of Data loss can be anything but it is our responsibility to stay protected. In the world of bits, this is just another probability out of other hundred things that can happen to our electronics and data in general. So How can we stay protected? Well this question has many different answers but I will not confuse you with different methods, In this article I will just talk about a method which will help you save your data without paying any penny.

EaseUS MobiSaver : iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone Data RecoveryWe humans are cunning enough to build plans to recover data and here comes the role of EaseUS MobiSaver Free. And why you need it? It essential software for data recovery for iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. And with the advent of new iPhone in the market, iPhone recovery is the most goggled keyword search lately. The free iPhone data recovery software EaseUS MobiSaver offers unbeatable functionality.

So what happens when you start seeing your precious iPhone giving data errors, you should grab EaseUS MobiSaver without any second thoughts?

What is EaseUS MobiSaver?

Let’s dive deep into the application.

The application is easy-to-use and completely free iPhone data recovery tool. The tool is useful for the recovery of lost contacts, photos, notes, messages, etc. from iOS devices. The software is freely available to download and use with time-limit whatsoever.

The software pre-requisite is bloated iTunes installed. Without iTunes, the software will not open at all. This can be bad pre-requisite for many users out there, as they have to download software that they won’t use to get started. On top of that, this free iPhone data recovery software is a hefty download of around 60 MB in size. Pre-requisite and software size can be a serious concern for users on slower connections. But once done, the package works seamlessly.
The application provides the option to select any data you have lost like SMS, Photos, contacts and more. It also provides the user the option to revert the files he/she has deleted mistakenly from the iPhone. The application also sports offline backup of your precious data but it lacks online backup, which can prove a disadvantage to the software.

Users can extract data from iTunes backup and support to recover data from iOS device.

The latest version of the software comes with two modes:

1. Recover from iOS Device
2. Recover from iTunes Backup.

Both the modes support their respective devices and data.

Data Recovery

The list doesn’t end here; the latest version can recover WhatsApp chat history which includes message, photo, and contact, video from either itunes backup or iPhone. Another great new feature is that it can now rescue iTunes encrypted backup.

How to Recover Data using EaseUS MobiSaver

The steps are very easy to recover the data from the phone:

Step 1: 

Scan Lost Data: This step includes connecting your iOS device to computer which have EaseUS MobiSaver Free installed. The app scans the device or iTunes backup according to what you choose.

Step 2:

Preview: In this step, users can preview the detailed content of the lost data and continue with selected data to recover.

Step 3:

Export: This is the final step, which includes extracting your data into one of the supported formats like VCF, CSV, HTML and more.

So wasn't it easy? I tried this on my old iPhone 4S and it worked great, I successfully recovered old data and transferred it on my new phone. The best thing about this software is that it is very easy to use and it's free.


MobiSaver Free is the best free iPhone data recovery software. It is suitable for any phone with iOS operating sytem installed. A must have for iPhone owners.


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