10 Websites to Calculate Website Value Online for Free

Ever wanted to know how much your website is worth? Want to brag about the net worth of your website or blog then you're at the right place. Today I will tell you about 10 websites where you can check your website's value online. These websites can give a rough estimate of your website's value by taking your websites popularity, ranking, daily visitors etc in to account. Some of the website also allows you to add an HTML badge with your site value. The valuation of a website is important if you want to sell your site or are looking for some partners to invest it.


I've made a list of 10 websites which I think are best for free website valuation, you can try them and find out how much your site is worth, I suggest trying 4-5 different websites and then calculating the average. If you want serious valuation then you can hire some professional for accurate report. If you just want to brag then these sites are good to go.

10 Websites to Check your Website's Value Online

A very popular site valuation calculator and shows decent results by taking various factors in account. If you want to calculate website value then this is the first choice.

Another cool site to calculate website value online. I love this site, it is simple and easy to use.

Terribly designed but still a good tool. The estimates provided by this site are pretty decent.

4. NetValuator.com

NetValuator is a simple and unique website. Here you can check website stats and valuation. You can also sort your search with Tags, keywords, email, ip address etc. 

10. WebsiteOutlook.com

Many of these websites also offer badges which you can use on your blog or site for bragging but remember, most of these badges contain a dofollow link back to the websites offering them, make sure you make it rel="nofollow" before putting it on your site, otherwise you'll pass the link juice.

So the above listed website will calculate the value of your website. Please note that the value will be different for different websites, one may show $100 and others might show $1000. All these websites uses different algorithms and factors to compute the value of a website. The best way is to use all the 10 figures from the ten websites and calculating the average. Use this online tool to calculate average


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