Top 5 Phones to Consider Before Buying Xolo Q610s

Xolo Q610sLava has been coming up with some really nice smartphones under the Xolo brand and now they have added yet another device to the line-up. This new device is the Xolo Q610s which comes with a tagline ‘More screen per phone’. The device has been styled nicely and offers a premium feel. It runs a quad core processor and comes with the latest android version. They are talking big about the display but we think it is rather disappointing with the low resolution and thus low pixel density. The device is priced at INR 7099 and for similar price; you can look at some other interesting alternatives. We have listed some of them here to make things easy for you.

Phones to Consider before Buying Xolo Q610S

1. Motorola Moto E

Moto E

This is one of the best budget devices we have seen in a long time. Its older sibling, the Moto G made things tough for a lot of mid-range devices in the market and the Moto E is doing the same for budget devices. The Moto E comes with a design similar to Moto G but is a bit fatter and retains similar size despite a smaller display size. The device comes with a 4.3 inch display that has qHD resolution making it crisp as compared to the Xolo device. It runs the latest Android KitKat and is also expected to receive the next major android update. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset with a dual core processor. It has got 1 GB of RAM and comes with a micro SD card slot as well. It gets a good battery for its specifications. Moto E has got a 5 megapixel camera but it is very basic and has got fixed focus. It is the only downside of this otherwise excellent device.

Buy Moto E from Flipkart for Rs.6999

2. Asus Zenfone 4

Asus Zenfone 4

Asus recently introduced some device based on Intel hardware in the market. These devices are the Zenfone 4, 5 and 6. As the name suggests, Zenfone 4 is the smallest and most affordable device of the three. It comes with a price tag of just INR 5999 and for that it is quite an impressive device. It offers a pleasant design which looks very much like the Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6 with a different scale. It comes with a 4 inch display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. It gets an Intel dual core Atom Z2520 processor running at 1.2 GHz with 1 GB of RAM. It has got 8 GB internal storage which is expandable via micro SD card slot. It runs android 4.3 Jelly Bean which is upgradable to KitKat. On top of the stock android interface, it gets the Zen UI which is nice to use. The phone gets a camera which is pretty decent for a budget device and performs better than the one found on Moto E.

Buy Asus Zenfone 4 from Flipkart for Rs.5999

3. Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525

This device definitely deserved a spot here when we are talking about budget devices. The Lumia 525 came in after the Lumia 520 and the only difference was the amount of RAM (and the price, obviously). While the new Lumia 530 is here already, we don’t like the new device because they have made too many compromises on it. The Lumia 525 is pretty good device and in a large number of ways, better than the new Lumia 530. It is well built and offers replaceable coloured shells. The 4 inch IPS LCD display is decent and copes up very well with the abundance of blacks on the windows phone operating system. It runs windows phone 8 with the Lumia Black update. While it isn’t the latest version at the moment, the device will soon be updated to windows phone 8.1. It is powered by a 1-GHzdual core processor,Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 and gets 1 GB of RAM against 512 MB on Lumia 520 and 530. You get a decent 5 megapixel camera with autofocus. This device offers 8 GB of internal storage along with a micro SD card slot.

Buy Nokia Lumia 525 from Flipkart for Rs.8300

4. Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Xiaomi Redmi 1S

This device hasn’t made it to the market yet but is coming in very soon. It goes on sale for the first time on September 2 and will be sold through the online retailer Flipkart. Even before it entered our market, it has started to scare off the rivals. It comes at a price of just INR 5,999 and for that, you get Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset with quad core processor clocked at 1.6 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and an Adreno 305 GPU. The build quality of the device is pretty good and is easy to handle. It gets a 4.7 inch display with 720p resolution. It comes with an 8 megapixel primary camera with large pixel size for high quality images. On top of that, it comes with an excellent operating system which is the MIUI ROM. you won’t be able to find similar specifications in this price band.

Recently I tested Xiaomi Redmi 1S, I posted a complete Review including the Unboxing on this site. You can read my Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review.

Buy Xiaomi Redmi 1S from Flipkart for Rs.5999

5. Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus

Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus

Karbonn launched this quad core smartphone at a low cost only a while back. The device has got decent build quality and handy size. The Titanium S1 Plus is priced below 6K and comes with a quad core 1.2-GHz processor. It gets 1 GB of RAM and runs android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system. You get 4 GB of on board storage and an additional up to 32 GB expansion has been provided via the micro SD card slot. It has got a 4 inch display with a resolution of 480 x 800 giving it a pixel density of 233 ppi. For a low end device, it is acceptable. This is a dual SIM device and you get the usual set of connectivity options on this device. It has got a 5 megapixel primary camera and a 0.3 megapixel secondary camera. It is powered by a 1500 mAh battery which might not perform very well with a quad core processor.

Buy Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus from Flipkart for Rs.7200

About Author: The author is an expert in mobile technology and loves to write about different handsets launched. He has listed the specifications of Xolo Q610s for the readers to make an informed buying decision.

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