Tips to Buy Xiaomi Mi3 and Redmi 1S at Flipkart Sale in India

The recent launch of the Xiaomi Mi3 in India created a hype among the people and since the phone is exclusively available at Flipkart, the stocks end in the matter of minutes. To make sure that every body has a fair chance at buying the phone, Flipkart came up with a registration process for people interested in buying Mi3. The process goes live a week before the actual sale of Mi3 and people who've registered beforehand are only allowed to participate during the sale, people who haven't registered can't buy the Mi3 on sale day and they'll have to wait for the registrations to re-open, so that they can register themselves for the next sale.

tips to buy xiaomi mi3 at flipkart sale
Xiaomi Mi3 is Exclusively Available at Flipkart in India

Since the stocks are limited and the demand (number of registrations) are ten times more than the stock, the competition level is high. The stock only lasts few minutes and if you don't follow certain precautions, you might miss the opportunity to buy the phone on sale day and you'll have to re-register and wait for the next sale day. Today I'm here to help you How you can confirm your Mi3 at Flipkart sale using my tips. I will explain some tips and tricks which you can use on Xiaomi Mi3 Sale day for buying Mi3, using my tips will increase your chances of successfully ordering Mi3.

How this Flipkart Mi3 Sale System Works

For people who are unaware of the Flipkart Mi3 Sale system, here I will explain the procedure followed by Flipkart. A week prior to the sale day of Mi3, Flipkart opens registrations and people who register during that time are only allowed to participate during sale. Once you successfully register, Flipkart provides the timings (usually 2:00 PM) and date of Mi3 Sale, make sure you note them down. 

Now on that day, at given time, you must login to your registered Flipkart account and visit the Mi3 product page. Sharp at the given time, you'll get access to the Buy Now button, and by clicking it the phone will be added to your shopping cart, Done! Now Flipkart will consider it as sold and you have time till 11:59 pm to complete checkout. All you have to do is complete payment before 11:59 PM, either by selecting COD or by using Credit/Debit card. Once you've successfully checked out, the phone will be delivered to your doorstep on the given date.

So this is How the Mi3 Sale on Flipkart works, it doesn't look like a herculean task, it's kinda easy, right? Well let me add a twist, during the sale day and at the given time, approximately 1,500,000 people will be online and trying their luck on a mere stock of Mi3's, so if you are slow like a snail, the stocks will end before you complete checkout. Now you know what we're dealing with? Haha! You don't have to worry because today I'm going to give you some killer tips which will increase the chances of your successful checkout on Mi3 Sale day. No. I'm not going to give any blackhat or hacking information, only some simple tricks which you can use during the sale day.

First of all, go and register for the Next Mi3 sale.
Next Xiaomi Mi3 SALE DAY - Flipkart has temporarily closed the registrations for Xiaomi Mi3, keep checking the Mi3 page for updates on Next Sale. 
Next Xiaomi Redmi 1S SALE DAY - The Sale is going to be held on 9th September and the registrations will start on 2nd Sept, 6 PM (IST) onwards.

How to Register for Xiaomi Mi3 Sale on Flipkart

So you don't know how to register for the Xiaomi Mi3 sale, just follow the steps given below and you're ready to go.

Step 1: Visit the Mi3 page of Flipkart by clicking HERE.

Step 2: Click on Register for Mi3 Sale button. They might ask you to log in to your Flipkart account, if you don't have an account then create one and then login.

Step 3: Once you click the Register button, instantly you get registered and Flipkart will display a success message along with the Time and Date of next Mi3 Sale. Note that down and then scroll down.

tips to buy xiaomi mi3 at flipkart sale

Tips to Follow During Mi3 SALE Day

Now that you've successfully registered for the Mi3 Sale, here are some tips which you can follow to increase your chances of getting a phone in your cart. These tips will help you get your hands on one of the device from Flipkart.

1. Download and Install Flipkart App

Even if you going to make your purchase using a computer, I recommend you to keep Flipkart app installed on your phone or tablet. On sale day, before the Sale time, open Flipkart app and navigate to the Mi3 page and keep it aside your computer. This will help during emergency, suppose your computer web page is take time to load, you can use the mobile app for adding the phone in your cart. Since app loads way faster than on computer, it can prove to be very helpful.

2. Close all Other Web Pages and Downloads

A few minutes before sale (15 minutes) close all other web pages, downloads and anything which requires internet. Open your browser and go to Flipkart's Mi3 product page and keep waiting until the sale begins and the button turns to Buy Now. Closing other pages and downloads will ensure plenty of internet speed and network stability required for acing the sale. If you have apps or downloads running in background, there is a chance that they will suck all the speed and your web page may crash.

3. Be Online Well in Advance

The Sale usually begins at 2:00 PM, so you must be online at least 2 hours before the sale time, Flipkart tracks each registered accounts and gives preference to people who were logged in hours before that sale. On the 26th August sale, I logged into two computers, one 2 hours earlier and the other 30 minutes earlier. As soon as the sale started, I clicked on both the buy now links and found that the computer logged in 2 hours earlier was successful in fetching one but the computer logged in 3o minutes earlier showed 'Out of Stock' within 2 seconds of sale. Open the Flipkart Mi3 page and start refreshing page every 2-5 seconds before 1 minute to sale. As soon as you see Buy Now button, click on it as fast as you can.

4. Get a Fast and Stable Internet Connection

During the Mi3 sales, a large number of traffic is reaches the Mi3 page, so the chance of the page crashing or loading slow are common sights. To beat the rush, you must be prepared. A good and stable internet connection helps in making the page load fast and prevents crashing, so that you can easily complete purchase, now you must be thinking why should I buy a separate internet plan just for buying a damn phone, I'm not saying to buy new internet plan, I'm just saying that make sure that you receive full speed when buying Mi3. If you are going to buy Mi3 using Flipkart app on your mobile then I will recommend you to buy a limited 3G plan (1 day plan) for this purpose.

5. Complete Checkout Immediately

Once you successfully add the Mi3 in your cart, you can relax, as you have to complete payment by 11:59 PM otherwise it will be removed and you'll have to wait till next sale. Some people think that there is plenty of time and that they will complete payment after, however I don't recommend this. After adding Mi3 to cart, try to checkout as early as possible. You can choose whatever payment method you prefer before checkout, I recommend using Cash-On-Delivery option, as you can check the phone before paying and if it is defective or damaged then you can send it back.

What to do if you Failed to get Mi3 during sale?

I do say that the tips given here will help you increase your chances of fetching one device but I don't guarantee. It's totally up to you and luck, so what to do if you still see the ugly 'Out of Stock' message withing a few seconds since the sale started? You have two options;

  • Wait till 6 PM on sale day and register yourself for the next sale.
  • Go for Mi3 Alternative phones with same price tag.

Final Words

If you follow these tips on the Filpkart Mi3 Sale day then your chances of acquiring a phone will increase. My motive was to help you prevent silly mistakes which can take you away from Mi3. These tips worked for many of my friends and I'm also going to use them on 26th August for buying Mi3, I will post the experience on my Blog and after getting the Mi3, I will write a series of articles including My Review and Unboxing. Good Luck!!!

UPDATE - 26 August Mi3 Sale

I participated in 26 August Flipkart Mi3 Sale and was successful to fetch one for me in first shot. I went online well in advance and logged into my account. I followed the tips given above and was successful in adding the phone into my cart. I posted a Full log of the sale on my blog and you can check it out by visiting this link. Here you will find what preparations and steps I took during the sale. On that day I found that logging in 2 hours earlier than the sale really helps you in fetching a phone, if you log in just before the sale then you'll see the 'Out of Stock' message.

UPDATE - 2 September RedMI 1S Sale

On 2nd September, I participated in Xiaomi Redmi 1S sale, using my tips and trick9s which I listed above, I successfully added 2 units of Redmi 1S to my cart (using 2 separate accounts). Once again I proved my methods work.

So here, I proved that the tips work, so go and register yourself for next sale. This is Jim, Signing off.

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