Tips to Increase Your IndiBlogger IndiRank

Hey folks! I'm back with an amazing new article for Indian Bloggers and most importantly those who are members of IndiBlogger community. In this article I will talk about IndiRank and will provide some tips which will help you increase your Indirank faster. First of all if you are not aware of IndiBlogger and IndiRank then read below for full explanation, if you are already a pro then scroll down for the tips.

tips to increase indirank

What is IndiBlogger?

IndiBlogger is a community of Indian bloggers, a place where you can directly connect with bloggers, from your niche or other niches. Apart from a social hangout, IndiBlogger is also a Blog Directory and a Forum where you can ask blogging related question or answers queries of newbie bloggers (If you are an experienced blogger). Overall it is a social hangout of Bloggers where they come ans share their blog posts, review blogs of other members, help newbies on forum, participate in cool Blogger-Exclusive contests and much more. IndiBlogger also organizes blogger meets in various cities of India, you can pay them a visit and meet other fellow bloggers.

To become an IndiBlogger member, you need a blog with decent number of quality articles and traffic. You can apply to IndiBlogger and if they think your blog is worth to be a part of the community, then you'll get member approval and after that you can take advantage of it.

What is IndiRank?

IndiRank is a ranking system used by IndiBlogger to determine the rank of the blogs in their network. The blogs are manually reviewed by expert admins before giving them membership approval. IndiRank is an automated system, which crawls all the blogs in their network, once every month and taking various data into account, determines a rank on scale of 1-100 for each blog. (The higher the rank, the better)

How is IndiRank Calculated?

IndiRank system takes various data into account before determining the rank of a blog. The data used to calculate IndiRank is; Alexa Ranking, mozRank, Incoming Links, Blog update frequency and some other funky secret stuff. After taking all this in account, you are presented with a Rank.

Is IndiRank Important?

IndiRank is only for IndiBlogger members and it is just a measure, it does not judge your blog and no ranking system can judge your blog. It is just for fun, ofcourse you can use it for bragging. It will build a good reputation among IndiBloggers but other than that it's nothing, just a number. Not only IndiRank, you should not take any ranking system seriously, no one can judge your blog better than your readers. 
As IndiBloggers say - No piece of computer code can ever judge your blog as your readers can do. So relax!

Tips to Increase IndiBlogger IndiRank

As I said earlier, IndiRank is based of Alexa Ranking, mozRanking and other such aspects. So if you want to improve your IndiRank, then the best way is by fixing each of those areas of your blog. Didn't get it? Read below.

1. By Improving Alexa Rank

Since IndiRank takes Alexa Ranking as one of the main aspect for determining a blogs rank, you can start by improving Alexa Rank of your blog. Now improving Alexa rank is not a child's play, so I will not explain it here. Previously I've written articles on Improving Alexa Rank, you can apply them for improving your Alexa Rank.

2. Improve your MozRank

The simplest way to improve your blog's MozRank is by improving the authority of your blog and you can do that by building High Quality Back links from high authority websites. You can start building backlinks by guest posting on good ranked blogs or by leaving comments on blogs. Another thing which you must do is to tag 'NoFollow' not so imprortant external links, tag nofollow all social links, links pointing to other sites or links pointing to low quality sites. This will prevent juice flowing out and will stay on your blog.

3. Build More Backlinks

Back Links are also important if you want to improve your IndiRank. You can start building back links by submitting Guest Posting, Blog Commenting or by submitting your blog to directories. Read the below mentioned articles for detailed tips on building Backlinks.

4. Update Blog more Frequently

If you don't update your blog regularly then you won't get a decent IndiRank, the IndiRank crawler also checks on the blogs RSS Feed for determining the rank, so keep updating your blog frequently. Once every 2-3 days is good to start with.

5. Work on Your Blog Traffic & Promotion

Traffic is really important for a blog, readers are the one who create a blog's presence. Readers make bloggers keep going, they help in motivating the authors to keep bringing quality content to them. To make your blog rank high, who must have a fair amount of visitors and a low bounce rate. You should design you blog in such a way that it glues your visitors to the computer screen, your blog should be beautifully designed, fast loading, easy to navigate and full of quality content. You should work on attracting new visitors and the best way to do that is to optimize your blog for search engines, so that they drive traffic towards you and the other way is by promoting your content on social media.

Promote your blog shamelessly, there is nothing to hesitate, given if you have really good things to offer. If you can spare a few bucks then why not print some funky visiting cards with your blog address and distributing them among friends and interested people. Make a Facebook Page, Twitter profile, Google+, Pinterest etc. There are so many ways, now the thing is which one you choose.

6. Improve Bounce Rate

Every blog has a bounce rate, it is the percentage of traffic which leaves your blog after one page view, this either means that they don't like your blog on first glance or they think that it is not relevant. You must reduce your bounce rate as much as possible. You can check bounce rate using Google Analytics or other online calculator. 

To reduce bounce rate you can read my article which explains various tips and tricks which you can adapt for reducing bounce rate. Believe me, I reduced my bounce rate up to 20% using these tips.

7. Internal Linking

To keep the Google juice flowing, you need to link multiple pages or posts internally. You can do that by linking some old post on a new one, or on a keyword which is related to that post. You can either label some old related posts to new articles, this is very beneficial, as the Google crawler will come to you crawling and will visit old pages of your blog and rank them. This way new readers can also visit old pages and you can increase your pageviews. This also helps in reducing Bounce rate.

Final Words

If you'll follow the tips given above, not only you'll improve your IndiRank, you'll improve your overall blogs ranking and traffic, so it's a win-win situation. I hope these tips were helpful, please leave your comments below if you liked them.


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