10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Xiaomi Mi3 in India

Yesterday I posted an article explaining 10 Reasons Why you should NOT buy Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone in India, what I'm going to do today is exactly opposite, today I'm going to explain 10 Reasons Why you should buy Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone. No, I'm not crazy. My motive behind writing these two articles was to give in-depth information on Mi3's Advantages and Disadvantages, so that people can decide whether to buy it or not, in my last article I explained the drawbacks to expect after buying the Mi3 and today Im going to list the merits of going for it. So if you are planing to buy Xiaomi Mi3 then read both the articles and then decide, I'm sure after reading both the articles you'll make a strong decision; whether to buy it or no. 
10 reasons buy xiaomi mi3 india
Xiaomi Mi3 Indian Version : Photo Source: gadgets.ndtv.com

People who don't know what Mi3 is, here is a short description. Mi3 is a new smartphone from a Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi. The phone made headlines soon after releasing, the reason for that was the mind blowing hardware and software combination at very affordable price. The phone cost half the price of the other smartphones having same hardware and features. Flipkart.com, the e-commerce giant teamed up with Xiaomi and launched it exclusively on their website for Indian users (Mi3 is only available on flipkart in India). There are many advantages of the phone and obviously some disadvantages, so I'm listing them in detail in my Article 1 and Article 2.

10 Reasons Why you should Buy Xiaomi Mi3

1. Price factor

Xiaomi Mi3 is extremely affordable and provides the performance of a phone costing double. In Indian it is priced at Rs.13,999 ($230) for the 16 GB variant and unfortunately you can only buy 16 GB device in India, and the memory is non-expandable. But keeping the price in mind, this is the best phone you can get under 15K or even 20K in India. If hardware and performance is what matters to you then Mi3 is the best choice available.

2. Hardware Specifications

At the price of Rs.13,999 the Xiaomi Mi3 packs a Qualcomm MSM8274AB Snapdragon 800 chipset along with a 2.3GHz Quad Core Krait 400 processor (similar to the Galaxy S5) and 2 gigabyte RAM. Not to forget the Adreno 330 GPU which makes the game graphics terrific. If you'll ask me about the hardware then in my opinion the best way to explain it is by saying that it is almost similar to the Samsung flagship phone Galaxy S5 which alone costs more than Rs.38,000 ($620) in India.

3. Camera

Along with the mind blowing hardware, it also equips a 16 Megapixel camera on the back with dual LED flash and capable to record Full-HD videos (1080p) at 30 frames per second. It also has a secondary video calling cum selfie camera of 2 Megapixel and capable to record Full-HD video (1080p @ 30fps), so if you looking for a budget camera phone the Xiaomi Mi3 proves to be best in the range.

4. Full HD Display

The phone packs a 5 inch IPS LCD Full-HD Display (1080 x 1920) resolution with ~441 pixels per inch. The display is capacitive touch screen and supports multi-touch, which means you can easily browse photos and web using pinch-to-zoom and other gestures. The display is one of best in the range of but is slightly longer than other phones, but that's Okay.

5. Amazing Battery

Xiaomi Mi3 packs a massive inbuilt 3050 mAh Li-on battery, unfortunately is non-removable and cannot be replaced by the user. Although the initial tests proved that the battery drained quite quickly because of the UI bugs but that can be fixed by updating the phone software. The battery lasts up to one day with normal use and a bit less than a day with extreme use, which is normal among the smartphones but if I compare Mi3 with others then Mi3 battery proves to be long lasting than others. However you can further improve the battery life, if you use my tricks to tune your battery and after that your phone will last upto 1.5 day or 2 days with normal use, for that read my article on How to Reduce Android Battery Consumption.

6. Latest Android KitKat

Xiaomi Mi3 comes with Android OS running the latest v4.4.2 KitKat out of the box, which means you don't have to update it manually. By looking at the hardware specifications, I can say that there won't be any problems for Mi3 running future Android updates, so we can assume future Android updates for the device.

7. Premium Looks

Mi3 has premium looks, thanks to the fantastic build quality and metal finish, the phone not at all looks like a plastic toy (no offense Samsung users). Mi3 looks like made of metal like material which I suspect to be aluminium and is available in multiple colors. The phone is sleek, slim (same as S5) and has a beautiful logo on the back. It is slightly longer but that's Ok. Overall the looks are fantastic and you'll surely fall in love with it at first sight.

8. Fast UI and No Bloatware

Xiaomi Mi3 runs on a custom Mi User interface which is heavily inspired by the iOS. The UI is buttery smooth and beautiful (have some bugs but will be fixed on next software update). I was disappointed to see no App drawer running on the phone (just like iOS) which was sad as almost all Androids have it, but it is still ok, considering the price and other features. A surprising thing was that in Indian version of Mi3 there was no bloatware except for a pre-installed Flipkart app.

9. Door Step Delivery

Another good thing about the phone is that you don't have to roam the markets for buying it. The only way to buy this phone in India is by using Flipkart website and ordering it online and the phone will be delivered to your doorstep.

10. Cash on Delivery

Along with the doorstep delivery, you don't even have to pay before getting the delivery. Flipkart offers cash on delivery service for Xiaomi Mi3, which means you can pay after getting the phone at your door-step. You can check the condition and for damages and once satisfied, you can pay for it. 

Final Words

So there are 10 reasons which I can think of for convincing you to buy Xiaomi Mi3 in India, you can go further and read my article on 10 Reasons why not to buy Xiaomi Mi3 in India. I hope you liked this article, let me know by leaving the comment below, also share this article by clicking the buttons given below. Good luck!


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